Thursday, June 8, 2017

Be Still and Know

Written by  Celeste Woloschuk

 This month at the Cathedral, you can definitely tell that school is wrapping up for the year. Over the last week, a multitude of children and youth (and those supervising them) have made their way through the doors of our Cathedral to rehearse or to take part in Year End Masses, Farewells and other Liturgies. Many more are expected in the coming weeks. One afternoon this week, I had the pleasure of listening to one Grade 8 class go through their class list, student by student, and describe each student’s dreams and ambitions, as well as where they would study in the coming years.

I have to say, listening to the proceedings, I admired the certainty of it all. Each student had their proper path marked out. They were going to do this, go to school there, study that, become this. And frankly, I remember feeling precisely that certain at my Grade 8 farewell; I was going to move on to Holy Cross for High School like my brothers had, get my Diploma and be awesome while doing it!

It wasn’t until Grade 11 that life started getting a little more complicated. I remember an information session at school where we were told that we had to start deciding what University or trade school to go to, what programs and scholarships to apply for, so many things that I had never before considered to be important. From that moment of realization, my path, which had been so clear and easy to follow, began slowly to muddle, until one day I couldn’t make out a path at all.

This vexed me for two main reasons: first, I am someone who likes to have a firm handle on things, something that became increasingly impossible to do; and second, I had assumed that God’s plan for me would just happen, and I couldn’t understand the struggle I found myself in. A clear plan always seemed to be implied in life. For example, the protagonist in movies, tv shows, books and videogames always had a clear path. There would be one inciting incident, and their destiny would simply make itself known in one crystalizing moment. That never happened for me.

A song I discovered in my second year of University, called Whispers by Passenger, contains one key phrase that I have found sums up my struggle rather well: “I should know by now.”

What I am discovering is that, quite often, I won’t know. This is not something I’m entirely comfortable with, but it’s something I am working to embrace. And in this work, I have found one simple phrase that has helped me abundantly: “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Ps 46:10) When I feel lost, like things are slipping away, I need to remember to keep some perspective – God has my back and has been guiding me all along. I won’t be abandoned now.

Let us all, in this month of June, pray for all young people as they finish up their school year; that God will inspire and guide them, sustain them through times of difficulty and bring them much joy, satisfaction and rest in the coming summer months.



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