Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Blog About "Nothin"...

Written by  Linda Bobowski

Just like in the TV show Seinfeld, when George and Jerry had to pitch to TV executives, this week's blog is about "nothin". I struggled for a couple of days and spent a few sleepless nights wondering what I was going to write about. The deadline drew nearer and nearer and I just couldn't wimp out. As a staff, when we started doing weekly blogs we were given tips on how to write a blog, the do's and the don'ts, write about things we know, make it interesting, not too long, etc.

At work, my day is filled with numbers, figures, accounts and spreadsheets, and by the end of some days, I find that I only interacted, for the most part, with the two computers I have in my office. As interesting as it is to me, as I enjoy my line of work... there is really nothing there to blog about. Maybe I could draw inspiration from other bloggers. I was watching the Discovery Channel the other night and they were interviewing an eight year old who is a guest blogger for Sea World in San Diego. Great, I thought,.. she comes up with something new every week. I only have to do this every couple of months and I’ve got nothin’. Keep thinking.

Maybe I could write about the changing seasons, our travels this summer, grandparenting – one by one my ideas were struck from my list. I tried to draw inspiration from my family: distance keeps us apart, but with the help of technology, we stay together. But, on the weekend we face timed our daughter in Toronto and the conversation went something like this: "Hi, how are you? What's new? Nothing and with you, nothing.”  Ok, so I drew a blank from there. Even over lunch one day with my fellow Cathedral staff members, when I inquired about everyone’s weekend, responses seemed to be the same as usual: great, cleaned house, washed clothes, spent time with family and so on.

So, rather than sweating and frowning about the blog, I gave in to my inner thoughts and decided nothing was something to write about. Maybe it is ok sometimes to give ourselves a bit of a breather from all the ups and downs in our lives. So from nothing to something and everything in between, have a great day! I know I am, as this blog is done.


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