Thursday, March 8, 2018

Some Things I Just Don't Need

Written by  Fr. David Tumback

So, on the advice of my trusted pharmacist, I availed myself to the annual flu shot. I'm not opposed to these shots especially in light of the ministry we do at Sherbrooke and my concern for the well being of the good folks who live and work there. The words of the young woman who gave the "shot" were reassuring: "This won't prevent you from getting the flu, but it will mean that the symptoms aren't as bad compared to not getting the vaccine." I was convinced. I believed her immensely and, unlike the nurses that I remember as a child who gave booster shots, this shot did not hurt - although she didn't make the little rabbit face on my skin like I remember from my youth.

Armed with this new line of defence, I took on the world and every formidable virus that exists. I successfully made it through the Christmas season unscathed and enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Florida free of any illness. I was feeling somewhat invincible. I listened to the harrowing stories of other people coming down with "stuff" and I rejoiced that I was not experiencing what they were experiencing.

And then along came Lent. More specific, Ash Wednesday. I was feeling fine and had a great celebration in the morning with the high school students and was very much looking forward to the evening Mass. Then it hit. That little irritation in my throat that sent my mind into a tail spin, for it was the same feeling that I had when previously dealing with flu-like illness. By the end of the Mass, I knew with certainty that I was no longer invincible.


A few days later, as I laid down to go to sleep, I noticed gunky build up in my eyes. No longer was I invincible but I was getting beaten by this thing. By 11 pm, I'm taking selfies of my eyes and sending them to my family doctor whose quick response was to send a prescription to the pharmacy. A couple of days of good rest found me feeling somewhat better but not totally free of the virus.

Speaking to one of the women after Mass the following Sunday she informed me that people were saying that this was the 100-day cold. I didn't like the sound of that. Another week or so of feeling not so great and finally it seemed to be working its way out of my system.

Feeling a lot better, I prepared to head to the office only for it to be revealed that someone had set up a fake email account in my name and was asking people to send them iTunes cards. Oh brother! After all of this and then I have to be confronted with someone intent on making my life miserable.

For I will say this . . . if I were to ask for anything it would be world peace, an end to cancer, 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep and maybe a fleeting sense of invincibility. It certainly wouldn't be for iTunes cards.

Maybe it’s God's way of keeping me humble. Some things in life I just don't need. And for all of you who have been battling flus and colds and the like . . . I'm with you in spirit.

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