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Mission Statement: 

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.

Inspired by the Spirit, Women Respond to God's Call
Below are the contacts for Holy Family CWL Council for 2017 – 2019

Co - Presidents

Alice Denis-Daley

(306) 934-7184

 Avis Hardy

(306) 249-0335


Andrea Willenborg

(306) 477-5644

Spiritual Development

Agnes Pelletier

(639) 480-7099

 Mary Kehrig

(306) 665-7950

Vice President

Corresponding Secretary

Sally Woytowich

(306) 249-2029


Eileen Schneider

(306) 978-2262

Recording Secretary

Wendy Dale

(306) 384-5166

Community Life

Nicole Pyle

(306) 683-0829

Donna Braun

(306) 249-0765


Helen Belsher

(306) 261-4255

 Connie McGrath

(306) 249-4360


Doris Smith

(306) 249-3092

Resolutions/ Legislation

Margot de la Gorgendiere

(780) 933-5976 

Christian Family Life

Arlene Ostertag

(306) 477-5099

Shirley Ostertag

(306) 374-3577 

Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Deyre Azcuna


Diane Waldbillig

(306) 668-1085

Past President

Diane Waldbillig

(306) 668-1085

Parish Activities

Mary Reinbolt

(306) 652-3965

Donna Dubé

(306) 244-2227

Meetings are held at 7:00 pm every second Wednesday of the month.


Standing Committees help us to divide the work into areas of interest as well as need.  Priorities are set each year since we can’t do it all.  You may help with the committee of your choice when you are ready.  Contact the chairperson above.  On the following page are descriptions of each committee followed by what the committee does.



Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth of members

-          Study of Catholic teachings

-          Role of women in the church

-          Evangelization and mission assistance

-          Lay ministries

-          Ecumenism and interfaith endeavors


-           Recruit members and maintain membership

-          Leadership development

-          League resource material

-          Annual reports

-          Life membership

Christian Family Life

-          Marriage and family

-          Sanctity of life

-          Ministry to:  youth, seniors, widowed, separated, divorced

-          Vocations

Community Life

-          Dignity and rights of persons

-          Social and economic justice

-          Refugees, immigration and citizenship

-          Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP)

-          Developing countries

Parish Activities

-          Liaison and cooperation with pastoral councils and parish assistance

Education and Health

-          Catholic education

-          Catholic schools and catechesis

-          Rites of Christian Initiation

-          Literacy and continuing education scholarships and bursaries

-          Wellness and sickness/disease

-          Environment

-          Genetics


The Canadian League magazine media:

-          For evangelization

-          To promote the League

-          Evaluation and promotion of good content in newsletters and bulletins

-          Media relations

-          Efforts against Pornography Website:


-          Research and preparation of resolutions and briefs in areas of interest and need

-          Study and implementation of resolutions passed by other levels at provincial and national levels

-          Presentation of resolutions to government


-          Monitor and study legislation at all levels of government

-          Prepare briefs and position papers on where we stand on proposed legislation


Spiritual Development

This chairperson usually prepares the prayer for our meetings/Liturgy of the Hours.  A few members lead the rosary before the 9:00 a.m. mass on Sundays.  Holy Yoga classes are offered at the church for participants to better their health spiritually and physically.  Members are also involved in Theology of the Body course, World Day of Prayer, Honor Guard and masses for deceased members, Twilight Evenings at Queens House, and Stations of the Cross.


This committee keeps track of members – collecting membership dues and circulating a membership list.

Christian Family Life

Under this committee the needs of our senior members are being met.

-Senior members receive birthday and anniversary cards as well as sympathy cards.  These are provided and sent by the Corresponding Secretary.

-Seniors are offered a ride to Mass, meetings or events.

-CWL members are part of the pastoral team that takes communion to shut-ins on a weekly basis.

-Several of our members are part of the team that takes the residents of Sherbrook (Level 3-4 care facility) to the chapel for Mass every Friday.

-We are members of the Resurrection choir that provides the music at funerals and, for members, provide an honor guard.

-We help with the communal Anointing of the Sick at the parish church.

-Members make prayer shawls and blankets and others deliver them to the seniors and the sick.

-A visiting/calling committee has “adopted” seniors to phone or visit.

Members provide babysitting for the “Moms Morning Out” group.  As well, some of our members have provided workshops or reflections at their meetings.

We offer a Bursary for a graduating student from St. Josephs High School.

Community Life

“The Little House” in the Welcome Area of The Cathedral was constructed as a collection drop off for donated items for the CWL Clothing Depot.  Members also volunteer to sort on certain months and work in sales at the depot.

Our council members help out once a year at the St. Annes Senior Citizens Home for their monthly “Birthday Party”.

We offer our services by serving lunch at funerals.

A fine of $1.00 for a member who does not wear their CWL pin at meetings is collected and then directed to Development & Peace.

Education and Health

Articles of interest are highlighted or summarized from the Canadian League Magazine, the Prairie Messenger and the Star-Phoenix.  Members, some years, attend the Catholic Health & Education Convention.


All bulletin news items are submitted by this chairperson.  Monthly prayer intentions are also included.  Members are always encouraged to read the League Magazine and to make use of the CWL website. (  This chairperson also submits items to the “Be League” section of the website.

Resolutions and Legislation

National resolutions and recent legislation information is brought to our attention.  We are then free to write letters or email our government representatives on these matters.

Parish Activities

This member is a liason with pastoral council and informs us in regards to activities that are parish sponsored.  She sometimes is responsible for recruiting volunteers for these special events.