How will You & Your Family help us reach our Wildly Important Goal of Self-Sufficiency?


In a very real sense you are already doing so...


  • Praying for our parish community
  • Being present at liturgies and mid-week events
  • The giving of your Time and Talents
  • The giving of your Treasure, whether through PAG, Envelopes or Loose collections


There are a few additional ways you can help us reach our WIG of “Self-Sufficiency”


  • Consider donating through Pre-Authorized Giving if you are not already doing so.  To learn more about the benefits of PAG scroll over the WIG circle or click here.  Be part of the 300 new PAG users this year!
  • Consider increasing your donations to our parish community.  You may recall that we need to increase our weekly donations from $8,500.00 to $16,000.00


One final thought for those of you who donate cash (loose collections):


Each week we receive hundreds of dollars in loose cash.  We are truly thankful for this!  Yet we are saddened that we are unable to give a tax receipt to anyone for this money to assist them with their income tax each year.  If you give through the loose collections why not sign up for PAG today and receive a tax receipt in 2013?


You may download a form by clicking here


Please take the time to scroll over the other icons to learn about how various committees are helping us reach our WIG!