HOLY FAMILY PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL (PPC) meets approximately 10 times a year.   

Have you ever wondered what is discussed at PPC meetings?  Does PPC make decisions about the building? About finances? About whether we need a new photocopier?  At one time Parish Councils did talk about such things.  But times have changed. 

In our parish we have an administrator, David Polzen; we have a financial secretary, Linda Bobowski; we have a facility manager, Jim Nakoneshny and we have highly engaged finance committee made up of CAs, CMAs, a CGA and business owners.  The administrative needs in our parish are well looked after.

So what does our Parish Pastoral Council talk about?  The following excerpt “The History of Parish Councils” taken from the Diocesan Guidelines for PPC will give us a clue:

 “Parish Councils originated in the spirit of Vatican II.  The Parish Councils that were developed were largely administrative in their functioning.  Today, Parish Councils are moving into another realm indicated by their new title, “Parish Pastoral Councils.”  The focus has shifted from the administrative, dealing primarily with buildings and finance, to the pastoral needs of the parish.”

This is why PPC led our first five year shared visioning process (2012) that has resulted in our focussing upon three key objectives: Faith Formation, The Next Generation (Youth Ministry) and Making a Difference in our World. The PPC will also be involved in continuing the work of the visioning process for the next five years. As a result of PPC’s work we had 10 youth with 5 chaperones go to Haiti and Peru; we’ve had an increase in the number of faith formation opportunities in our parish; we’ve had 160 people volunteer to serve meals at the Friendship Inn every year.  And there is still so much more to do!  PPC will continue to work in these areas seeing as they are truly “Pastoral.”

So what do you do if you have an “administrative” concern?  For general concerns (including finance) contact David Polzen & for concerns regarding our grounds and building contact Jim Nakoneshny.  Both can be reached at 306-659-5800 or through the contact us section of our website.

PPC Meeting Minutes

Most Recent:


The members of the 2018-2019 Parish Pastoral Council are:

Fr. Ephraim Mensah 

Staff - Fr. Deyre re-sized 2

 Fr. Deyre Azcuna
(Associate Pastor)

David Polzen2 resized

David Polzen
(Cathedral Administrator)


Carol Grant


Jacqueline Anderson


Michael Collins

Tyler Wist - resized

Tyler Wist

Mary Wrubleski resized

Mary Wrubleski

Bernie Klein 2

Bernie Klein

 Kristen Yasinski

 Kristin Yasinski

Wendy Dale

Wendy Dale

Simone Mann


Fay Santos-Vargas
(Vice Chairperson)

Naty Mathews