Fr. D_C

Very Rev. Fr. David Tumback

Fr. David is our beloved Pastor. Fr. David was born and raised Eston, SK. He attended university in Saskatoon and Toronto before he was ordained in 1995. Fr. David loves food and any Italian or French wine beginning with the letter "B"! He is hopelessly addicted to Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Pawn Stars and Judge Judy His favourite place in the world is LA/Disneyland. His favourite celebrity is Colby Armstrong (although he detests the Leafs). The person he wants to meet most (other than Jesus) is Judge Judy. His favourite TV show of all time is, “Are You Being Served?” and his idea of a perfect evening is when the doorbell doesn’t ring!

Staff - Fr. Deyre re-sized

Fr. Deyre Azcuna
Associate Pastor

Fr. Deyre is a missionary priest from the Philippines. He has two sisters and a brother. His parents were both teachers. His father died when he was 18 years of age. Fr. Deyre was born and raised in a hometown where there was no Internet yet, no cellphone, no cable TV, and the only source of living is fishing and farming. And, he realizes that there is always a virtue in simplicity.

Fr. Deyre studied and worked as an LPN in Arizona, USA. Then, he gave up his medical profession for the service of the Church. What inspired him to persevere and fight for his vocation to the priesthood are his devotions to the Blessed Mother Mary and Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. He realizes that God will make a way despite the most impossible circumstance to serve God’s plan. Ministry for him is not for confinement in the house/rectory, but for service to the people. For him, it’s a great privilege to serve the Church, and it’s a great joy to love the people.

Staff - David re-sized

David Polzen
Cathedral Administrator

David joined the staff of the Cathedral in September, 2016. To avoid confusion between Cathedral Davids, David has come to be known as David the lesser. David is married to Danielle, who is an RN. Before coming to work at the Cathedral, David worked in the funeral industry for 10 years and is a licenced funeral director/embalmer. David also holds a Masters in Divinity and a Masters in Theology. David loves to laugh. It is good for the soul. He enjoys quiet “PJ” days at home (or any where) resting in the Lord. David’s favorite hobby is the extreme sport of napping; and he would love to find more time to invest in this hobby. Throughout his life, David has learned that planning can be tricky: David plans, God giggles, and a whole new direction to the journey comes about.

Garth H

Garth Horn
Pastoral Associate

Garth and his wife Jane have been members of the Cathedral of the Holy Family for seven years. Before being employed at the Cathedral, Garth worked at Queen's House and Renewal Centre (10 years), before that he was with the Redemptorist Mission Team as a musician-lay missionary (9 years). Garth enjoys drinking red wine followed by biking, tennis, cross country skiing and then relaxing in the great outdoors.

Andy K

Andy Korvemaker
Coordinator of Faith Formation

Andy joined our staff in 2011. He grew up in Regina, studied in Ottawa and Edmonton, moved back to Ottawa, and then settled here in Saskatoon. He is married (sorry, ladies) to Jane and they have 3 excessively energetic and loud kids: Spencer, Cassia, and Felicity. He loves good coffee, most food, and brews some seriously amazing beer.



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Catherine Renneberg
Youth Ministry Coordinator

Catherine is joining us after completing a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Stephen’s University in New Brunswick. She grew up in Bruno, Saskatchewan as the youngest child with three other siblings. Catherine previously participated in two years of faith formation at St. Therese Institute, and is excited to serve as the youth ministry coordinator for the parish.

She recently spent 7 weeks travelling Europe – ask her about her newfound passion for city transit systems. She loves philosophical discussions, donuts, and God. You can call her ‘Cat’ if you like!

Linda C

Linda Bobowski
Financial Secretary

Linda is the number cruncher here on staff; she has served Holy Family Parish for the past 19 years as financial secretary. Before coming to HFP, Linda was Secretary Treasurer of the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association (11 years). Linda and Orest have three grown daughters Stephanie (married to Colin, children Marissa and Colby, Calgary), Sherricee (Toronto) and Shannon (married to Matt, child Evelyn, Steveston, BC) Linda is a Lay Formation graduate, a CWL member, enjoys gardening, dabbling in stain glass, travelling throughout Europe and visiting her children and grandchildren.

James C

Jim Nakoneshny
Facility Manager

Jim joined the staff at Holy Family in 2011, shortly before the opening of the Cathedral. For the previous five years he had led the design and construction of the new facility as chair of the Cathedral Building Committee and of the Worship & Liturgical Design Committee.

Jim’s role is to oversee the daily physical operations of the Cathedral and to ensure that it is ready to meet the needs of its many users. He also coordinates the hundreds of activities occurring here each month, such as meetings, weddings, banquets, conferences and concerts. 

Jim and his wife Pat have two daughters: Kiera, enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan, and Paige, who attends St Joseph High School. When he gets away from work, Jim enjoys a quiet evening with his family, although they have a long list of projects waiting for him to complete at home…

Staff - Sarah re-sized

Sarah Pettipas
Administrative Assistant

Sarah has been part of our parish team since March, 2016. Sarah was born and raised near London, Ontario and moved to Saskatoon in 2015. Sarah and her husband Daniel attend St. Anne parish where Daniel also works.  She enjoys prairie skies, leisurely mornings, and catching up with friends over coffee. Sarah and her husband Daniel welcomed their first child in spring 2017 and she is currently on maternity leave. 

Daryl C

Daryl Miller - Custodian

Daryl joined Holy Family in November, 2011 just one month prior to the move to the new cathedral. Prior to this he worked for 15 years in the Event Services and Maintenance Department at TCU Place. He also farmed from 1970 until 2011 near Kinley, Saskatchewan. As well as custodial and other duties at the Cathedral, Daryl also maintains the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. He is a 5th class steam engineer.  Daryl enjoys travelling especially to Cuba. In January 1998, he attended an outdoor mass celebrated by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II at Santa Clara, Cuba. He has also visited the Basilica of El Cobre near Santiago de Cuba. The shrine of Maria Caridad, the Patron Saint of Cuba, is located here. Daryl has a keen interest in history. He has B.A in history from the University of Regina. He also served 6 years as an R.M. councillor in the Rural Municipalty of Perdue. He is probably working his last year at the Cathedral. He is looking forward to retirement.

Lorena C

Lorena Samoyoa - Housekeeper

Lorena is came to Saskatoon from El Salvador in 1990 and has worked as Fr. David's Housekeeper for the past five years.  In addition to working here at the Cathedral, Lorena works for the Saskatoon Health Region.  Lorena has three beautiful daughters.  Lorena loves to cook Spanish cuisine. 

Gino C

Gino Hanns - Custodian

Ashly C

Ashly Hanns - Custodian