What is a WIG?


A WIG stand for Wildly Important Goal.


It is a goal that is Wildly Important simply because it must be reached so that other Important Goals can be reached. 


For instance:

Sending 10 of our youth on an overseas missionary trip would be an Important Goal for a parish.  If we need $40 K to send them, the raising $40 K would be our Wildly Important Goal.  If we fail to reach our WIG then some or all of those youth will be staying right here in Canada.


Why has the Cathedral of the Holy Family made “Self-Sufficiency” its WIG?


There are a number of factors:

  • Having moved from a location of 10,000 sq feet to a Cathedral facility of 65,000 sq. feet, our cost of operations has nearly doubled.
  • Our Finance Committee has estimated that our weekly revenues will need to increase from roughly $8500.00 per week to $16,000.00 per week.
  • At present we are dependent upon external revenue sources (namely the Diocese of Saskatoon) to meet our current budgetary needs.


When we reach our WIG of “Self-Sufficiency” those external revenue sources will become “Seed Monies” for our parish to initiate exciting ministry and outreach opportunities at home and abroad.


How does increasing our number of Pre-Authorized Givers get us closer to reaching our WIG?


We began with 302 parishioners donating through PAG in December of 2011.  It is our short-term strategy to increase that number by 300 by December of 2012.  To date, we have added 71 new Pre-Authorized Givers!


Research has shown that those who donate by PAG donate more over time than envelope users or those who donate cash (loose).


There is one simple reason for this:  Consistency!


How many times have I forgotten my envelope at home?


Every summer our family goes to the lake!


Every winter we head south for a warm vacation!


Sound familiar?

Whether we are on vacation or not, the needs of our parish remain the same:

  • Utilities
  • Wages
  • Ministries & Programs


Those who choose to donate through PAG provide the parish with a consistent cash flow regardless of seasons.  And because PAG donators never miss giving their donation, they typically give more to the parish.  It’s not because they are more generous, it’s just that they give more regularly.


Increasing our number of PAG users by 300 will give us a more consistent cash flow and will increase our revenues thus helping us reach our WIG of “Self-Sufficiency.”


If you are interested in PAG, your may download a form by clicking here


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