Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Great Blog Wall of the Cathedral Administrator

Written by  David Polzen


It has been over a year now that I have been the Cathedral Administrator, and at one of the first staff meetings that I attended, someone had the dandy idea that the Cathedral staff members should take turns writing a blog for the website. (Not my idea by the way.) A little discussion was held regarding the matter, and it was decided that yes, we could manage it. How hard could it be?

Well, for some of my colleagues it is seemingly quite easy. They whip up a blog of great eloquence in no time and no sweat; however, for myself it seems that it is easier said than done. Now, this is not for a lack of trying on my part, but blogging has proven to be quite a chore. Topics come to mind, and great topics too, topics have even been offered by others; but, even with a topic in mind, I sit staring at a blank page. I “googled’ blogging. I prayed. I invoked the Holy Spirit. I called upon the patron saint of writers, St Francis de Sales. I even attempted to look up the patron saint of bloggers, of which I did not find a specific one but a litany of them. The more the merrier; I am in need of every little bit of help I can muster up. But still nothing wants to flow forth from my head thru my fingers onto the page. It has become painful, making my head ache as I attempt to force the words from my head onto the page. And still nothing. I have a huge writer’s block the size of the Great Wall of China!


So, over the past year, my blogging has been painfully quiet. And I had come to the point of accepting that was just how the “mop flops” and to move on in my life’s journey. Thankfully, I have been saved by some of my compassionate and generous co-workers who have submitted a blog of their own to fill the void where I was scheduled to submit one. And thank God for the patience and compassion of our blog monitor(s) who have valiantly sent email reminders and done the “pop in” check in at my office door to see how my blogging was progressing. Much thanks to them.

So, after much encouragement from the blog monitor I told myself, this is it. I must blog. I will blog. Topics whipped around in my head. “Yes, I am going to get this done,” I kept telling myself. But each time I sat down with a topic in mind, I still stared at a blank screen as my mind whirled with so many other things. Come on David, focus… Focus… FOCUS… and still nothing. I lay awake at night composing blogs in my head and probably in my sleep as well. Maybe that is the source of those whacky dreams that make no sense.

The time had come. I woke up early this morning with the fervent intention of getting the blog done. Since I was having no luck in writing at the office, I thought I would see about writing at home. No luck. Just as many distractions as at the office: it is a cold morning, so I had better remember to put the extension cord in the car; I had better dig out my toque; oh look at the finger prints on the fridge door; I need to remember to talk with Fr David about this and definitely that; I am so far behind on that project, that I am ahead…it was an endless litany of distractions. The sun has come up now, and I had made a promise to myself (and to our faithful blog coordinator) that I was not going to leave home until this blog was done. I broke my promise. I had to leave the house and get to work. I was late already. At the office, an even more fervent effort was stirred within: Ok this is it. I will set aside a small amount of time and sit down at the key board and just get it done.

WHALA! A blog has been created. I have found a small gate in the wall of my writer’s block. My writing professor would be so proud.

So, this is it folks. Not a masterpiece by any means but finally words on a page. Now that the gate has been found, hopefully it stays open, because in a few weeks it will be my turn once again to blog.




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