Friday, December 1, 2017

The Cold and the Snow

Written by  Celeste Woloschuk


I sometimes get cold. Well, I often get cold. My feet, hands and nose are usually the first things I notice to be cold. During the day, while I’m here at the Cathedral at work, it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I get up from the desk and go here or there, I usually find that by mid afternoon, some part of me is cold. To combat this trend, I brought a blanket from home which now lives on the back of my chair. It does a good job of keeping my back and legs warm, but this doesn’t help enough to warm my hands, head, neck and feet – and it won’t help like that unless I wrap myself up in the blanket like a cocoon… which isn’t the best thing to do if I need to answer the phone or greet someone who approaches my desk.

Part of the issue is that we are now fully into winter (even though the last few days have tried to fool us). The sun isn’t out for as long, it isn’t as warm, the air is sometimes so cold it hurts my face when I go outside and shocks my lungs when I try to breathe. I usually try to walk home from work, and in summer by the time I would make it home, I would have to get rid of any footwear I had on, drink some water and sit in the shade or inside for a while before I would cool off. Now, when I get home, I have to put on my moccasins and a sweater, go somewhere warm and wait for my legs to thaw. But, truthfully, I don’t mind. I don’t mind the cold, I don’t mind being cold, I don’t mind the snow or even the face-hurting wind.

I love winter. It’s my favourite season. I love it when it snows. I love watching snow drift into snow dunes. I love walking through ankle or knee-high snow. I think it’s hilarious when it’s minus forty degrees with the wind and I have to dress in six layers of clothing just to keep myself from becoming a block of ice three seconds after I’ve walked out my door and I end up wearing so much clothing that I basically become a starfish and can barely move. I love how bright everything is when there is snow on the ground and the sun is shining (which is particularly noticeable in the Cathedral as we’re surrounded by windows – it’s even brighter than in summer!) Winter sunrises and sunsets are so very beautiful. Seeing the aurora borealis on clear nights makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale. Christmas is my second favorite liturgical celebration (inched out by the Triduum, for those who are wondering) and I enjoy decorating the house and all the cooking and baking that comes with the Christmas season. And, most of all, I love waking up to a world covered in hoar frost.

I know that winter isn’t everyone’s favorite. And it can be tough when the cold and the snow last and last. But, I hope and pray that, even if my hands, feet and nose are cold, that my heart will always be warm and open to the beauty and glory of winter.



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