Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another Year, Another Adventure

Written by  Celeste Woloschuk

Another year, gone. Good bye 2017 and hello 2018! Isn’t it incredible how quickly time flies? And every year, it seems to go just a little bit quicker.

This year for New Years, I went with my parents to visit some good friends of the family, who I affectionately call my “Australian parents”. We rang in the New Year with some wonderful food (including tourtière… yum!), a few games of Uno (which I dominated) and a Canadian trivia game (in which I came in last… sorry Canada… but how am I supposed to know a bunch of random sports trivia from the 1970’s… I mean, really), followed by a glass of champagne and the countdown.

In the weeks since the turn of the year, I have been asked about my New Year’s resolution quite a few times. Now, I haven’t really had a ‘proper’ New Year’s resolution since elementary school, when we were contractually mandated by our teacher to pick one and write about it or draw about it, or something. And honestly, I don’t think I will pick one this year either – not a ‘proper’ one anyway.

Looking back at 2017, the year was really neat. I got to try my hand at a variety of new things, learn some amazing stuff, and test myself in ways I never quite imagined I would. I got a new job, a new soon-to-be sister-in-law and re-connected with some dear friends. In January of last year, I could never have imagined the path my year would take. I am very grateful for the last year and I’m hoping to just continue the momentum into 2018. And looking forward, I know 2018 will be very exciting and challenging. Like last year, I have no idea where I will end up, but by the grace of God, I’ll just keep going forward, trusting that I’ll end up where I need to be.

So, in lieu of a proper resolution, maybe I’ll just share some things I hope to do in the following year:

  • Learn from my grandma how to bake bread.
  • Learn how to make pasta from scratch.
  • Go on a roller coaster (never done it before).
  • Learn how to skate.
  • Join a choir.
  • Pet more dogs and cats.
  • Walk the whole Meewasin trail.

Happy New Year everyone. May God bless you all in this new year. May it be one of health and happiness, of life and love. Na zdrowie.

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