Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This Too Shall Pass

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I started homebrewing beer a few years ago. It’s been a great hobby. Not only do I get to enjoy some tasty beverages, but I also find the brewing process a joy. Start with an idea, create a recipe, alter it to fit what ingredients or equipment I have available, brew day (woo!), ferment, wait, package, wait, and finally taste the finished product… It gives me a chance to create something from scratch. It relieves stress. It teaches me patience (“Is it beer yet? Is it beer yet? Is it beer yet?”). It’s a wonderful experience.


This past August I went to pour myself a beer (a tasty  little Blonde Ale, with just enough Citra hops to give it a refreshing citrus flavor) when I noticed a bit of a wet area on the beer keg, and drip marks down the side. Closer inspection revealed a small pool of beer below, dripping down the keg, onto the floor, and spreading from there to the wall, through the wall, and into my son’s closet. Apparently I had neglected to tighten one connection properly, and the attached CO2 tank had dutifully pumped about 15 litres of sticky beer out into my basement. It was a nasty mess.

The next day, as I slowly vacuumed as much beer as possible out of the carpet, I was understandably frustrated. It was the long weekend. I had been hoping for some rest. I had plans for the day. THIS WAS NOT HELPING RELIEVE MY STRESS. Stupid beer.

While cleaning, I had some music playing to pass the time. And honestly, it’s really hard to stay grumpy when Everything Is Awesome comes on. It’s just too catchy. It cheered me up a bit, and it reminded me of some words from Julian of Norwich:

All shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of thing shall be well.

It got me thinking. In spite of this mess (which was beginning to smell…), God is still in control, and I know he has a good plan for me. In spite of my frustration, he is still looking out for me. In spite of… everything, he still loves me and leads me to life.

I find it easy, in times of (even slight) struggle, to focus on myself and my grumpy feelings. It’s seems easy for me to jump from, “Let’s have a tasty treat,” to, “Woe is me! My beer days are over! I will never be happy again!” Well, it wasn’t that bad, but I do have a tendency to forget to trust in God. I have my own plans, and I like it when things go my way. I like to be in control. But I’m not. Times like this remind me of that. And they remind me that God is always with me, and he’s bigger than any mess I can create.

And this too shall pass. All shall be well.

Time for another brew.

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