Friday, October 12, 2018

The Continuing Adventures of Linda and the Blue Bag

Written by  Linda Bobowski

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You would have thought I had learned by now! On my next trip, my blue bag is going to stay at home!

We just passed the mile 0 sign for the Yellowhead highway leading out of Masset, BC, when I realized time really did seem to have gone at a snail’s pace so to speak. Two weeks earlier, glancing out of the window, the landscape started to unfold beneath us from the window of the plane. I had finally gotten used to the drone of the Air Canada prop job (even if conversation to my husband seated next to me was almost none existent). Leaving Vancouver behind, we were still a bit taken aback when Air Canada was offering $800 to give up your seat to Sandspit. We both agreed if Shan and Matt weren’t waiting for us the offer was tempting. Our youngest, Shan, was deployed last year to Masset on Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, in Northern BC for a three-year term. FaceTime has been our daily method of communication since their move.

After landing, as we were leaving the tarmac, Shan and Matt were waving to us to come into the building but Evie was no where to be seen. Our three-year-old grandchild had probably given up on us, we thought, when she kept asking “when are you coming?” Evie is very sensitive to her surroundings, even some music can cause her to react with tears of sadness. As we entered the building, however, she came running from the tourist shop. Hugs and kisses were all around as we greeted one another.

Our fifteen days together flew by. Every day from our breakfast table we watched the bald eagles soar and sometimes dive for fish in the inlet. Living across the street from the inlet, we watched the tide come and go twice a day, which for us coming from the prairies was a new experience. We could set our watches by the outfitters taking the fisherman out onto the ocean for halibut. We enjoyed exploring the old growth forest on the walk through the sanctuary and trying to call the feral cows which are supposed to live there. Picking huckleberry and salmon berries in their yard and going crabbing and finding all kinds of shells and treasures in the low tide was a treat. We especially enjoyed have Evie as our guide. When you explore a new place through the eyes of child it gives you a whole new outlook on things. Time just seems to get away from you. Watches, cell phones and television just seem out of place when you are on vacation and your tour guide is three. A trip to the library, which is a 10 minute walk, can take a few hours and a number of calls from momma asking if we got lost.

At the end of our trip, we were making our way back down Graham Island to the airport and stopped at the Crows Nest for a quick lunch; and as their menu is non-existent, you just have the daily special for that day. So, we all choose the soup with matrimonial squares and gingerbread cookies to go with some peaches for dessert.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at Standing Rock, and Evie insisted we stop at Mary’s Well. Legend has it if you drink the water you will return to the island. Of course we all had a sip. A ferry ride took us to Morseby Island and after three hours we arrived at Sandspit airport.

We checked our luggage, which caused some concern as Orest was bringing back empty bullet shells to get reloaded after Shan’s successful hunt of Siska deer – we debated whether they should be declared or not. We made a quick trip into the shop as Evie needed a Haida bathtub turtle, and finally we had to say our goodbyes.

Evie clung to momma and tears were dripping down both our cheeks as we went through security. Now, in Gatwick a couple of months ago, whortleberry jam put me in a situation, and this time around I couldn’t believe it when security asked me again to open my blue bag. What could possibly be causing the trouble this time? “Can you remove that bag in the corner, as those gingerbread cookies cannot leave the island”. I think he saw the stunned look on my face and as he started laughing he said those cookies came from the Crows Nest cafe and they are delicious. I guess he knew I needed a giggle to lighten my leaving.

Shan and Evie did FaceTime that night and asked about our trip home. Shan reported that Evie was in tears until Mary’s Well where Shan, Evie and the Haida turtle all had a drink and a bath to ensure Baba and Gido would come to visit again.

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