Friday, January 4, 2019

Hello and Welcome 2019!

Written by  The Cathedral Staff

Welcome 2019! My, how quickly time goes by. Christmas has come and gone, the Cathedral office is back open and we are all back hard at work. Before we go forward, let’s talk about this year’s New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebration!


            What was your favourite part about New Year’s this year?

Celeste – Hearing and seeing fireworks in my neighbourhood at Midnight.
David – Bringing in the New Year fast asleep.
Garth – An opening of a new venture along my path of life.
Andy – Having my traditional “La Fin du Monde” beer on New Year’s Eve.
Linda – Going to Mass, then out for supper and watching the countdown and listening to the fireworks at Midnight.
Fr. Ephraim – Being able to sleep in and having more time for prayer.
Jim – Peace & quiet, and Christmas movies.
Cat – Spending time with friends, praising God and giving thanks for His work in our lives.


It’s almost surreal how it’s the New Year already. What happened to Thanksgiving? Did I blink and miss the start of school? Wasn’t it just 2015 or something?

As we go forward, making the brave pilgrimage into 2019, we, the staff of the Cathedral, want to wish you and your families a happy and blessed 2019. We pray you will know peace, love, health and joy this year.


            What are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

Linda – Visiting family in AB & BC.
Cat – I am most looking forward to all the adventures that await!
Garth – Music with others and for others.
Andy – Hopefully being (at least a little) more organized. And the new Star Wars movie (Episode IX!!!)
Fr. Ephraim – To be able to observe my New Year’s Resolutions – one of which is ‘no dessert’.
Fr. Deyre – Seeing my Mother during my vacation time and the Annual Retreat on the Island of Batanes in July.
Jim – BBQ season!
David – Growing in faith, love, joy and wisdom.


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