Thursday, February 7, 2019

Trudging Through

Written by  Catherine Renneberg

As you’re probably aware, the last couple days have been cold. Really cold. And the days before that were snowy. Really snowy. And so we find ourselves in the midst of a good old fashioned Saskatchewan winter. I found myself chuckling this morning as I noticed a particular car in my apartment parking lot. It is totally covered in about a foot of snow, not plugged in, with snow banks surrounding it. Very clearly, this person has given up and has no intention of driving anywhere in the foreseeable future! Later on, I also noticed tracks in the snow, veering off the sidewalk path and heading out in different directions, making the shortest possible route home for those who walk. Nope, no time to stick to the cleared walkway; our pioneering friends risk snow in their boots to clip a few precious minutes off the frigid daily commute.

I find myself becoming more and more strategic and mindful, realizing that I must be planning for the inevitable. I have discovered that forgetting my mittens means that I might test how long my car can go unplugged. I have had to admit to myself that my habit of letting the gas tank get dangerously close to empty is probably not a smart thing to do, especially as I am letting it run longer and longer in the mornings. As I think about the repercussions of the current climate, I cannot help but count my blessings. Praise the Lord for command start, fuzzy socks, and blanket scarves. Thank you Jesus for a warm office, winter coats, and an electrified parking stall. May God bless those members of our community that rely on the generosity of others, and may I be inspired to do what I can to help those who do without.  


Saskatoon making -50 look so beautiful; Source: Patricia Ulan, found on The Weather Network Photo Gallery February 7, 2019


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