Thursday, March 7, 2019

Learning to Breathe

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Here at the Parish office, a change in liturgical seasons is always a busy time. The last two weeks especially have been a little crazy: trying to get Ash Wednesday, Reconciliation times, our Penitential Service and Stations of the Cross organized and ready to go; looking forward to the Triduum and Easter and all the planning involved there – all of which goes on top of our regular weekly tasks and ongoing projects. It’s a bit of a wonder I’m still upright and coherent most of the time!

With all this busyness, I have been having a hard time getting ready for and in the mood of Lent. Yesterday, when we gathered to pray as a staff (which we do every Wednesday), I couldn’t for the life of me shut my brain off. We did the sign of the cross but I was still thinking about song booklets. We began reciting the psalms of the day but my mind focused on how to get ashes to every one who asked for them! But, blessed be God, that’s when a little song popped into my head:


Breathe; just breathe. Come and rest at My feet.
And be; just be. Chaos calls, but all you really need is to just breathe.

It’s amazing how God works in people's lives. I was only introduced to this song two or so weeks ago. I’ve been working to bolster my Christian pop and rock collection on my iPod. This song was one of those that made the cut. And so, in the middle of our praying the psalm yesterday, I closed my eyes… and breathed…

And there was stillness; my mind went quiet. I could hear my colleagues praying, I could feel the page beneath my hand. I took another breath, opened my eyes and I could see the words on the page. And I started praying again… but this time it actually meant something.

This Lent, there are a number of ways we can take time to breathe. Here at the Cathedral, there are a variety of events designed to help with just that: there is the Rosary on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am; Masses on Sundays; Masses every day during the week; the devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Wednesday evenings; Eucharistic Adoration Thursday evenings; Stations of the Cross most Friday evenings until Easter; Reconciliation Saturday mornings and our Penitential Service on Thursday, March 28th. I know how tough it can be to make time for God, especially in Lent when there is a special emphasis on doing extra, but I really want to encourage myself and everyone to take time to rest at God’s feet – even if you only have an hour or two one evening, at one of our events here at the Cathedral or with your family at home; even if it’s only for 15 minutes on a Wednesday morning.


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