Thursday, June 13, 2019

Are We There Yet?

Written by  Linda Bobowski

“Are we there yet?” This question, I am sure, still comes up today but was also so true when I was growing up. When school finished, summer offered a wonderful opportunity to have fun and laze away the day. The added bonus was when Mom and Dad announced we are taking a holiday. This usually meant travelling to Baba and Gido’s house 50 miles (about an hour of travel time) North, but, hey, that offered me (a city kid) a new opportunity to play with the farm animals and enjoy the freedom of the open fields.

Now, granted an hour or so in the car doesn’t seem that long to me now but back then it was soooooooooooooo far away that, of course, every five minutes one had to ask the dreaded question. Patience is a virtue easily overlooked after the 10th time.

At coffee the other morning, we all started reminiscing about holidays and our own experiences which brought about a whole new outlook to the discussion. Gone are the days when we travelled unrestricted by car seats and safety belts. Vehicles were the size of the Queen Mary and strong enough to withstand the many potholes of the province. Coming to a sudden stop meant Mom out stretched her arm to brace us. It was common for trips to a rival school’s field day that the entire school rode in the back of the pickup truck. And air conditioning meant we hung our heads out the window hoping to gasp that bit of wind the car offered as it meandered down the highway or gravel roads. But the ride all started with the first one to yell ‘shotgun’ and if you weren’t fast enough you had to outwit, out play and outsmart your siblings so you weren’t stuck in the middle seat.

So, as summer holidays will soon be upon us, I hope you all have a safe and carefree summer no matter what form it takes. From a staycation at home, a camping trip, a trip abroad or to another part of the country. ‘Are we there yet?’ is all part of the journey.


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