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With the Labour Day weekend now behind us, we are into the start of the unofficial New Year. September has always felt more like a New Year to me than January, likely because of the many changes it brings. Young children are starting school, older students are off to University, summer exploits are behind us as lawn chairs and camping gear are packed away for another year. A new season of meetings and activities is starting, fresh TV episodes are starting to air and, in general, there is a sense of purpose in the air.

Although it is felt most acutely in the autumn, change is regularly occurring throughout our lives. I was reminded of that this past month as we emptied and renovated a neglected storage area in our basement. Box after box in the crowded room held long-forgotten treasures. Alongside the Christmas decorations and old tax receipts there were numerous signs of former hobbies and pastimes. An old 12-string guitar, partially completed craft projects and dusty art supplies detailed changes in our interests and attention spans. Remnants of outdated materials from past business ventures highlighted former ambitions, while old cans of paint and disassembled light fixtures documented our changing tastes and the evolving uses of various rooms over the years. Bins of stuffed toys and boxes of old games and puzzles recalled a much earlier time in our children’s lives.

Every item signified change of one sort or other. In many cases, the belongings stowed away by the “former you” in most cases no longer fit the “current you”. Just as you’re unlikely to wear the old suit in the corner of your closet or repaint your living room with that 2003 shade of Weimaraner Brown, once an object has ceased being of current importance to us, it is probably time to let it go and move on. We are no longer the people we once were, as much as we try to pretend otherwise.

Some 2,500 years ago the Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated “the only constant in life is change”, so this is not a new concept for modern sensibilities. Change is not necessarily a good or a bad thing, although the saying “a change is as good as a rest” has a certain amount of truth to it. How do we deal with life’s changes? Do we embrace them? Regret them? Fear them? Ignore them? Time rolls on. Next week will bring another change, and next month more changes yet. What’s fairly certain is that the world isn’t going to stop changing just to make us happy. I should do what I can to make the most of it.

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