Thursday, October 3, 2019


Written by  Linda Bobowski


With the recent snowfall, it seemed like autumn would be like our spring: a season that almost wasn’t. But a few days later the snow has melted and the landscape once again shows its colours of vibrant gold, rust, and reds.

Fall is one of my favourite seasons. Actually, I am glad we have the four distinct seasons as each one offers something unique. October is a month of festivals, celebrations and awareness. Fall suppers are now being offered, pumpkin and apples are playing a prominent role in our culinary skills. Those mysterious zucchinis that appear on one’s doorstep. A chance to get lost in a corn maze, go for a hay ride, or jump in a pile of leaves. Thanksgiving with all the trimmings is fast approaching. Family and friends will soon be gathering. This year I am going to slow down a little bit and be thankful for this great country we live in, for health, family, and friends. So often the moments quickly go by without acknowledging the ones we are closest too. Get ready for the trick and treaters that will be knocking on our doors at month end.

It is also a month of preparation for the chilly months to come when we put away our summer stuff and start to bring out our warmer clothes. Farmers are busy harvesting the crops, we are clearing off the last remains of our gardens. A chance to enjoy the crisp fall air and the fading sunset that seems to come all to early now. Which means I must end this blog and go and plant my tulips and daffodils as spring is just around the corner.

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