Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thanksgiving ramble

Written by  David Polzen

Well if it ain’t one thing, it is another!  

Out of the blue a blood vessel bursts in my eyeball. No pain, no discomfort, no change of vision, nothing other than it looking horrible. I would not even have known there was anything happening with my eye if people did not ask, “what did you do to your eye?” So off to the optometrist to get it checked.   I had to get it checked…all my church moms were strongly suggesting I get it checked. So I went and got it checked.   All is good. It is just a burst blood vessel and everything else looks just dandy. (no pun intended)

However, because the eyeball needs to heal, my optometrist strongly suggested….ok, he strongly recommended, that I do not wear my contacts while my eye is healing, and not to put in my contacts until it is fully healed.   Ugh!   Dang!   Oh well, it is what it is and I will do my best to comply and let my eye heal. So out came my eye glasses. A pair I got some 20 or so years ago. Oh my, what a fashion statement. But after wearing continuous wear contacts for the past many years, one becomes quite accustom to such and one’s routines take shape around such. In the past few years, I had to resort to using reader glasses for doing closer up seeing, tho. They tell me it comes with age. The use of these readers also has become a routine and habit. Now, the whole routine has been shifted to the total opposite.   So now the glasses come off to see close, and then on to see far. And to see close I have to put my face very close to the page. Oy vey! What a production.  

It is frustrating and annoying all at the same time. Things are taking that little bit longer cuz I am trying to figure out how best to see it.   It is such a small thing, and yet it seems to add an incredible burden to the rest of life’s stresses and struggles and failures and complications.   The days seem to grow in overwhelmingness and one starts to feel behind the eight ball.   It just seems to grow and grow…frustrations, annoyances, anxiety, grumpiness, irritableness… one just wants to run away screaming!!! The pity party carries on.

And then God whispers in the slightest silence.   And you take pause. Out of nowhere, amongst all the chaos and noise of daily life, something taps you on the shoulder reminding you of something once said or read.   For me it was a penance I received from my confessor years and years ago.   Out of the blue I could hear him saying to me, “for your penance, for the next two weeks, take a moment to pause and reflect in your morning and night prayer to identify one item for which you are grateful. And offer thanks and rejoicing to God for that item.   It does not have to be big. Just the smallest thing that you are grateful. For example, offer thanks for your pen not running out of ink in the midst of that final exam.” So off I went and did my penance.   Wow! What a treasure of profound insight. What a splendid exercise to do daily, and if possible twice daily. It is great medicine for the soul.   A practice I need to resurrect once again on a more permanent basis.

So during this time of Thanksgiving. Let us take a moment to pause to give thanks to our God for those times that our pen did not run out ink; for a song or piece of music that consoles and/or uplifts our hearts and souls; for the beauty of the autumn leaves; for that fly that was flying around but seemingly has disappeared from the office; for a wise and holy confessor so many years ago; for loved ones and for being loved and for loving; the list goes on and on…

The time has come to make every day Thanksgiving.

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