Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tis' the Season of Winning

Written by  Cat


The fall season could mean a lot of things. For me, the leaves on the ground signify the re-emergence of my youth ministry programming, the swap of flip flops to scarves, and the digging out of my command start key fob. Amongst those things, which cause me to both rejoice and grit my teeth with endurance, I am also immensely pleased to find myself in the midst of another volleyball season. While my super competitive, all-in sports days are mostly behind me, this third season in a Saskatoon rec volleyball league continues to be an outlet that I look forward to every single week. 


For some it is just a fun game, but I’ve realized in the past year that the competition, teamwork, and instinctual play brings me an immense amount of joy and fulfillment. I’ve only recently pinpointed volleyball as a pastime that I can and should make a priority in my life. Something about the jumping, spiking, diving down and getting back up again helps me to step outside of my overly academic brain and literally grounds me in the present moment.  


It could be the anticipation that each game brings, as I am someone who, quite frankly, likes to win. But the best part about that is that while I go each time almost hungry for victory, there is also the element where I know that I could lose. I am at risk of being too competitive, where pride is encouraged and seeps into my attitude in a negative way. But the losses always succeed in putting me in my place, reminding me that, like all humans, I am not invincible, even if I really want to be. 

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