Friday, October 25, 2019

Looking Back

Written by  Jim Nakoneshny

It’s been 8 years since I wrote my first blog in the fall of 2011, three months before our growing parish community took possession of our new building and opened our doors to the world. There was an air of uncertainty, but also hope and anticipation as we approached this new chapter in our history. Looking back, it’s easy to forget how different this space was going to be from our cramped little red brick church. Yet at that point in time it was all still a dream - just a part of our imagination.

In that blog I tried to capture that dream and the real reason we’d been working so hard for the previous 4 years to make it happen. Most importantly, in the years since, we’ve settled into our new home and (I believe) brought that dream to reality. Here’s that original blog again. Enjoy.

From September 2011…

Wedding dress trends for 2012 feature classic lines, with a return to lace and high collars inspired by Kate Middleton...

How do I know this? Because I spend far more time than a middle-aged male should browsing the bridal forums and other wedding-related websites. Now, before you jump to strange conclusions, I think it’s important to explain that my new job as Facilities Manager of the Cathedral includes the responsibilities of Event Coordinator. This entails scheduling event bookings for the hall and other spaces in the building. And as I’ve quickly discovered, Holy Family is the site of one of the hottest new wedding venues in the city for 2012, with at least 16 wedding receptions already booked into the hall more than 3 months before we’ve opened!

Now, a large part of the preparations for opening the new building has included determining the rules and regulations for outside activities happening within the facility, as well as establishing what type of services we would provide. This covers everything from rental rates to table size to bar service. That’s where keeping up with the wedding trends comes in. With an entire summer’s worth of weddings pretty well booked, it’s important to know what the latest expectations are.

Of course, during the building’s design phase we did our best to ensure that all of the fundamentals were in place. The technical professionals that have been involved with the hall’s design and construction so far have suggested that it will be one of the nicer facilities on the market. How that translates to someone’s personal experience is another thing altogether. The important part is how we make the best use of what we have, not just stopping because we’ve created a pretty package.

Life has a habit of reminding us of that little nugget of information. We all know not to “judge a book by its cover” or that “beauty is only skin deep”, yet we still seem to be surprised when we encounter examples of this in real life. Even in this experience with the construction of our new cathedral and parish home, it’s easy to fall into the habit of expounding on the technical highlights of construction, or marveling at the interaction of steel and stone and glass, rather than focusing on why we’re building in the first place.

Yet, as we all know, our cathedral will be more than just a backdrop for pretty pictures, or a destination to be featured on tour schedules. It is a tool which can help enable us to live out our lives in better service to God and for each other. With a larger and more functional worship space we can gather more effectively as a parish or diocesan family to nurture our faith, to celebrate the joys of life, or help share the sorrows.

By featuring a bright and comfortable area for socializing, we can help grow life-long relationships and connections with people of common interests. An abundance of meeting spaces will support community development, education and faith formation activities.

And of course, a large, bright and inviting hall will allow us to share with one another the milestones of life’s achievements, whether it’s a nephew’s ordination, a neighbor’s high-school graduation, a grandparent’s diamond wedding anniversary, or a daughter’s wedding – wearing a princess dress with classic lines, lace and a high collar...

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