Friday, November 8, 2019

Cat on the importance of the Word of God in the vocation to Love As found in the most recent edition of “The Little Way Magazine” of St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission

Written by  Cat

For me, the Word of God keeps me on the path to Love. It reveals to me that He does indeed have a plan for all that happens in this world, and that gives me the confidence to be able to continue on in my vocation to love. My experience is that love is not easy all the time, but Scripture helps me to see the bigger picture and grounds the efforts that I make day by day, even when they seem fruitless. This is because the Word of God is ultimately relational, where His voice calls out, sharing the truth of His love for me and emboldening me to follow that path in love for the world.


I am particularly appreciative of the role of Scripture in liturgy, and this is where the Word of God stands out to me the most. I'm often delighted by the wisdom of the Church in the selected mass readings. This is partially because I am fascinated by how all the different parts of Scripture work together to tell the story of His love, but mostly because of how God frequently speaks through the rhythms of the liturgical readings to my personal situation, showing me who He is and strengthening me to be His hands and feet.


Check out Pope Francis’s Letter Aperuit Illis and for more on this.

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