Friday, November 15, 2019

Wounds Call for Healing

Written by  Fr. Deyre

After reading a presentation by Cardinal Tagle, titled The Smell of the Sheep; Knowing their pain and healing their wounds is at the core of the shepherd's task, and have highlighted and summarized here some excerpts that spoke to me.

How do we deal with wounded church? It is not by lack of response to the suffering of victims. It is not also covering up the scandals, living “a deep wound in our relationship with those we are sent to serve.” It is not even running away in fear. But, it is to have “a faith and ecclesial perspective to guide us.” 

Like the apparition of the Risen Lord to the disciples and to Thomas: “the doors were locked as the disciples’ coward in fear, wondering if they were the next to be arrested and crucified. It is in this moment of utter helplessness that the risen and yet still wounded Jesus stands in their midst. After greeting them with the message of the resurrection, “Peace be with you,” He showed them His hands and His side marked by gaping wounds. Only by drawing close to his wounds could they be sent on a mission of reconciliation and forgiveness by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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