Friday, January 17, 2020

A Gift from the King

Written by  Cat Renneburg

The feast of the Epiphany is also accompanied by a few different traditions, one of which has proven to be a highlight of my year. I am referring to the tradition of picking an “Epiphany gift”, Which is, in essence, a word to use as a reference for meditation and insight for the rest of the year. An epiphany gift is meant to be thought of as a gift from God, because we know that our Father has great gifts for us. Practically, there are many ways to get an epiphany gift - for me, I choose a word out of a jar that has been stocked with many words. These words include virtues, or words that appear in scripture. My experience of epiphany gifts have been that they turn out to be quite meaningful as I reflect on them throughout the year. I always try to pick my Epiphany gift confident that it was not a coincidence, and that God is going to use this gift to help me get to know both Him and myself better this year.


My epiphany gift this year was fluidity. Now picking the word “fluidity” from the jar felt and still feels as mysterious as it is unexpected for me. I am sure that over the course of the year God will reveal more of what the means, but for now I will stick with the initial results of a quick Google search.


Apart from its scientific definition, fluidity can mean two, somewhat contradicting things: 1. smooth elegance or grace or 2. the state of being unsettled or unstable; changeability. My interpretation of this, and what resonated in my heart as I prayed with this all, is that God is showing me that the year may be full of change or obstacles that I can have to overcome, and I can respond gracefully and peacefully, or I can allow those obstacles to shake my peace and unsettle me. I think either way I’m going to have to embrace fluidity, but it’s up to me whether I choose to call on the Holy Spirit and pray for peace in those moments, or to let the obstacles of my day or year unsettle me and shake my peace. 

**If you would like to pick an epiphany gift for you or for your family members, stop by the office, Cat will leave her jar there until February.

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