Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Easy Peezy?

Written by  Linda Bobowski

We got the call in mid November. A call from your child has many implications. This one was “I got transferred can you help us move? “Of course, when do you have to be there?” “Early January.” Easy, peezy, right. Not so, the move was from Masset on Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) to Kamloops. After many phone calls back and forth to determine the best plan of action it was decided the family should try to sell as much household  items as possible to reduce the size of the Uhaul van which would come by ferry over to Sandspit. Mom and dad will fly into Sandspit pick up the van and drive the 1 hour up to Masset on New Year’s Eve, we pack and load and then take the overnight ferry over to the mainland on January 2, two days travel and we are there.

 On schedule we fly out of Saskatoon to Vancouver, then on to Sandspit. As the plane keeps circling the captain comes on the radio and announces “sorry folks the fog ceiling is greater than a half mile we will not be landing today as we are headed back to Vancouver.” First snag. Thankfully Shan has great friends in Vancouver who manage a hotel chain so we were able to stay in a wonderful hotel close to the airport at a very reasonable rate as weather related flights are not reimbursed from Air Canada. In the meantime Shan picks up the Uhaul and leaves her vehicle for us at the ferry terminal.

Day 2: Back on the airplane once again. As we approach Sandspit I noticed that when we should be making our approach the plane starts climbing upward. Captain announces “we will continue circling and hopefully the storm front will move on and then we will be able to safely land.” After about 15 minutes of wondering we are on the ground and the rains start again. As arranged we take the shuttle and a short ferry ride over to Skidegate to pick up the vehicle to drive up to Masset. We have arrived, Happy New Year let’s pack and finish cleaning as we have a ferry to catch the next day.

Day 3: The rain and slushy snow continues to make loading a bit tricky. My job is to finish packing up the kitchen and entertain the little one. Thank goodness for the internet. We finish, say goodbye to the beach house which has been their home for the past 2 and 1/2 years as the convoy heads back up to Skidegate. The weather continues to go from rain to snow to clear skies back to slushy snow we make it. We arrive around 5:30 park two of the vehicles in the ferry que and find the only restaurant opened to have supper and wait to board the ferry at 9 pm. After a few hours with no other excuse to stay we head back over to the ferry terminal to wait. 

Those who live on the coast would say the crossing was a bit rough, from the Prairies I had to wedge myself sideways into the wall to avoid being sea sick from the rocking and rolling as I probably would not have made it to the bathroom. Nine hours later a quick stop at Tim Hortons in Prince Rupert to wait for the tire shop to open as two vehicles required snow tires. I was told the most scenic part of the drive was from Prince Rupert to Vanderhoof but we left in the rain then met the snow and then blizzard conditions, so I really cannot comment on the beauty. The convey managed to go 40 to 60 kms per hour at the best of times and as night approached we do not make our targeted city but spent the night at the Robbers Rooster in Hazelton. 

Road conditions a bit better visibility improved we made it to Prince George and eventually found the hotel after driving around in the dark for awhile (GSP not cooperating) we arrive at the hotel for the night. The final leg of the journey 8 maybe 9 hours to get to Kamloops. After a few hiccups and miss ques we arrive at the rental house. Now the reverse. Unload, unpack, sort what stays and what goes into storage. After a couple of days it looks like the family is settled in and Shan states “we will need to move again once we buy a house.” Thanks to my quick-thinking husband -  “maybe you guys should hire a moving company.”

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