Friday, February 28, 2020

The Top Ten Things We Love About Cat

Written by  The Office Crew

1: Boundless Enthusiasm -Jim

2: Her creative way of getting out of work (it’s supposed to be her blog week) -David

3: Epic organization skills,

4: Resilient beauty and a Healthy and Grounded Faith -Rosa

5: Seeing how she consistently puts her faith into ACTION. -Marlene

6:Her enthusiasm for making us THE Ultimate Parish. -Andy

7: Organizing the “Live Stations of the Cross” during lent in previous years. - Fr. Deyre

8: I appreciate the tangible sense of solid faith that she     exhibits as a lived expression of who she is. -Lorie

9: Her dedication to the youth program. - Linda

10: Her yearly Epiphany gifts. -David

We are happy to still have you as a member of our Parish! 

May you have every blessing as you return to school!

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