Friday, June 12, 2020


Written by  David Polzen

As we quickly approach the mid point of 2020, and I reflect upon the journey thus far, and the word “change” seems to sum up the days of 2020.   Change seems so much more apparent in 2020 than any other year that I can recall; even though some past years have contained great changes as well.   In these past six months or so, my life’s journey has seen the addition of a baby to our home, the death of 6 loved ones within my little circle of family and friends since the beginning of March, and of course Covid19 which has changed the world and how we do things.  

Change can be tough.  Change can be easy.  Change can be important.  Change can be subtle or at times it can be crude.   Change is everywhere.  Change is part of life’s journey.   From the moment we are conceived we are experiencing change.   We can not escape from change.  Even though when someone asks us, “what is new?”  and we answer, “nothing, pretty much the usual same ol’ stuff going on.”  There has been change.  With every breath we take we experience change.  I am not the same as I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will not be the same as I am today.   It is an incredible concept to comprehend and ponder.   Even though we build our lives around daily routines:  I get up, go to work, eat, sleep, and repeat.  Amongst that routine change is present. 

So what do we do with change.   We embrace it, accept it, make the best of it.  Sometimes change brings about anxiety, frustrations, annoyances, sadness; and other times change brings great joy, peace, comfort, hope.  At times we have to make that painful journey through change to reap the fruits and benefits of change.  As we make our way through 2020, and encounter the array of changes that are changing how we do things, even the simplest things that we so often took for granted, all the things that were so routine for us, let us appreciate them, and find the new joy and peace that change is bringing us and allow ourselves to grow which change is really all about. 

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