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I Should Have Been a Walrus

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Note: This Blog was posted by Fr. David: So they said to me when I moved into this parish that there was no air conditioning at the Church and while there was air conditioning at the rectory, it really did not work that well. Prophetic words and absolutely true.Holy Family Church is one of the worst in terms of heat. A lack of air flow, especially in the sanctuary, prevents us from ever getting an hospitable temperature in which to celebrate the Mass. I reflect back on my days in Macklin when the good folk there, noticing how the heat was affecting the pastor, insisted on installing air conditioning. Hence began the new war. Fr. David loved it cold in the Church. The rest of the congregation did not appreciate it being that cold. In the end, I was moved and so ended the war. 
The rectory is another story. I don't have to take into account the desires of others and I love a cold house. Ask Fr. Darryl. He had to live with me three years and there were many days he opened his door in the morning to be greeted by a blast of cold winter air because I insisted upon leaving my office window open over night. I know the guy likes me very much but he hated the fact that I liked it cold. Nature would give a great explanation to this. There is a reason that the walrus and the whale enjoy the cold Arctic Sea temperatures. If God had created me a different being then I am sure that I would have been a walrus. I would have relished my time in the frigid waters. 
It is not that I cannot endure the heat. I have managed quite well for the past 5 years. It is just that I would appreciate getting some help. You see, all summer long I try as best to get the air conditioning to keep the house somewhat liveable. The problem is that I also share my space with a 35 pound critter that also does not appreciate the heat. In fact, walking last month on a particularly hot and humid evening, she decides about a third of the way into our walk that she ain't going any further. And I mean she AIN'T going any further. Sprawled across the asphalt she rolled on her back, four feet extended in the air and looked at me with her big brown eyes and basically said to me "It's fine if you want to walk but you can carry me cause I am done." Walking home one of my neighbour's yelled out, "Wow, gives new meaning to walking the dog, eh?" It took all of my strength not to extend particular fingers of my hand in response.
Once home the dog found her strength again and was jumping and running and demanding treats. I readied for bed and decided that it was hot enough in the house to justify turning on the air conditioning to at least cool the air a bit. And then as I came back in my room that 35 pound critter was lovingly looking at me, sprawled out over the air conditioning vent. She is a smart dog and has realized that the best place in the house, be it the bedroom, the sitting room or the office, is sprawled over a vent. I made the sacrifice. I slept on the bed in a heated house and sweated away the hours knowing full well that a dog was having a tremendous sleep while I was agonizing. 
Finally came the cooler days of this past week. I opened every window every night. I drank in the harvest smells. I pulled blankets around my face (blankets that had not been used all summer) and loved the feeling of my nose growing cold. The room was so cool and crisp. It was almost heavenly. And then, I woke from my slumber. My feet were warm and so were my calves. What was going on? Gazing underneath the blankets was the reason. Curled up around my feet was that same 35 pound critter who had claimed every air conditioning vent in the warm weather and was now stealing a place in the cool weather. 
I simply cannot win. A dog runs my life. I should have been a walrus.

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