Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Jesus Bridges the Gap

Written by  Fr. Deyre Azcuna

Do you know that by looking at the crucifix we are reminded about Jesus as the Savior or bridge-builder? Jesus is the bridge. Sin has created a distance between God and humankind. We did not and could not, from our side of the gap, know how to mend the breach or to build the bridge back to God. Jesus bridges the gap; He overcomes the separation, and makes us one with God.

But, sometime we say, the bridge has been restored already. We have been redeemed already. So, we don’t need a crucifix anymore. We don’t need to see the suffering Jesus because he is already risen and alive. But we, on our side, always create new gaps, new separations… because we continue to sin.

The crucifix reminds us that Jesus continues to bridge the gap, He continues to reach out. Those arms in the Cross continue to be open to us and to reach out to us despite our continuous sinning. Love is always there and is being offered to us, day by day, moment by moment, and hour by hour.

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