Friday, November 13, 2020

Hmmmmm….now, that is something.  Amen.

Written by  David Polzen

The other day amongst my emails there was one from a company that usually sends out an article giving some information on this or that.  This time no long article, just a few lines stating that 2020 has been an overwhelming year for many with Covid, all kinds of elections, and things going on in the world.  It stated that everyone is tired and on edge.  So instead of adding to the noise, the author simple invited us readers to pause, and then asked how he could pray for us today.   This email struck deep into my soul.  I was, “hmmmmm…. now that is something.”   He nailed the nail right on the head. 

Yes, instead of having an article to read, it was fantastic to pause for a minute or two, to think of a prayer request, and to know that someone is praying for that request.   Prayer is such a powerful gift.   Because this message impacted me so strongly I thought it was a good idea to pay it forward and share something similar with you.   So this time, no long rambling blog from David; but just a little invitation: 

As you read this blog, I invite you to pause from all the noise of the world about us, take a moment to ponder a prayer request, lift it up to God, and as you lift it to God know that I will offer a prayer on my end for you and your prayer request.   May we always open our hearts to receive the bountiful graces and blessings of our loving God that we can attain through the powerful and beautiful gift of prayer.  


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