Thursday, November 19, 2020

Going Home

Written by  Linda Bobowski

It’s sold!  A couple of weeks ago my sister called to inform us our childhood home had been sold. My mom, after becoming a widow, remained in the house just prior to her passing in the fall of 2018 at the age of 95. Another one of my sisters moved in the house and lived there until early this year. It was then decided that the house would be put on the market. I grew up in the Mayfair area in one of the cul de sacs affectionately known as ‘horseshoes’ just off Idywyld Drive.

Even after I was married I always got to go home to visit mom. It was a place that always bustled with noise and activity. Children, grandchildren and yes even great grandchildren found room to run around the neighborhood without fear of traffic when participating in a lively game of shinny or tag or whatever, everyone  knew to slow down when the kids were out running amuck. Despite the small size in today’s standard we all seem to fit or squeeze in and made room for all. Memories abound from birthdays, graduations, weddings, births and even sad ones such as losing loved ones.

When we were packing up the few remaining items in the house, I went from room to room gathering as much of those memories that I could muster. Not in a sad way but reaching back into those carefree childhood days when there was not a care in the world. Peace washed over me, and I was able to say goodbye in my own way.

With the warm weather and lack of snow we were outside, and I noticed on the side of the house the remains of a peony we always had growing in the yard. We were reminiscing with one of the neighbors and I asked if he had a shovel. He quickly came back tools and a plastic bucket in hand. Later that day I planted that peony in my backyard. I know this coming spring it will grow as it has for over the last many years that I can remember, and I will always have a little piece of home.

Funny how we seem to refer to our childhood house as home. I have been married for over forty-seven years and have made a home. My girls have long since gone and have homes of their own, but I always ask when are you coming home? Hopefully, this year we can all make it home for the holidays.

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