Wednesday, January 20, 2021

People should be Attached to God, Not to Us

Written by  Fr. Deyre Azcuna

When we encounter good people, we feel we see God. When we experience goodness from other people: sympathy, respect, giving hope, we normally say: “Oh, it’s God’s blessing.” And once you have rediscovered Jesus – be bearers of Him to others.

We do not direct people to ourselves; we do not form bands of loyalists/ fans club. We form the Body of Christ. And like John the Baptist, we do not tell people to remain in me, or cling to me. No, cling to Jesus. We lead them to Jesus.  As John the Baptist is telling us, “Look, here is the Lamb of God!”  

Through our actions, let us show others that there is justice, there is respect of people and life, and that no one is taken for granted. Our main concern is the people. Jesus loves the people, and not the title, positions, or whatever. You are important. Despite falls, imperfections and struggles, God still loves you. You have hopes. In this way, we make Jesus known to others. 

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