Friday, March 5, 2021

The High Holy Nap

Written by  David Polzen


The other day during a family group text conversation, my aunt shared that on Sunday afternoon while watching the Scotties curling she nodded off.  It was quite the nap.  She was going to watch the afternoon curling games, so she got comfy on her couch and even snuggled into a cozy blanket, which she admits was mistake #1, because she saw the first rock being thrown and nothing until the last rock was thrown.  She missed the whole game but had a delightful nap.  Now I must admit that I was somewhat, no, no…I must be honest, I was quite envious.  Oh ok, I was a lot envious. 

Oh, to nap!  What a wonderful thought.  What a wonderful thing.  I am a self professed lover of naps.  I could sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime, in the prime of my nap era.  But life’s journey changes on us, and some things that we used to do we no longer do for whatever reason, usually circumstances in our life’s journey play a role in such things.  I had two categories of naps:  1) a simple nap and 2) a high holy nap.   It was all very simple.  Nothing complicated about my napping hobby.  A simple nap is basically plop down and close your eyes anywhere.  The high holy nap was a bit more involved and planned out.  One actually used a bed and pillows and blanket and set an environment for it.  To me, both were absolutely delightful and thoroughly enjoyed.  Ahhhh, to nap.  

So this nap thing has been on my mind for a few days, and while I was waiting for a medical appointment it came to me to do an internet search of nap and napping.   Well, much to my surprise there are all kinds of things about it.  The good news is that overall there are benefits to napping.  Yahoo! The disturbing point that I discovered was the recommended length of a nap for an average adult is 10 – 20 minutes.  Boooooo!  I guess I am not an average adult because I like a 90 minute nap!  

I would have never guessed my simple notions of napping were just a mere scratch of the surface of a topic that has been studied by highly educated people who have authored all kinds of research papers and such.   Little did I know that my two categories of naps should really be increased to include such categories as:  recovery nap, prophylactic nap, appetitive nap, fulfillment nap, essential nap; and each one with their own specific function.  Amazing how a simple thing as a nap, can hold within its very essence something so deep and complicated.  But that seems to be the case with so many things.  Something of simple beauty and we can analyze it to complicated tid bits.  On the one hand it is good to delve deeper into things and gain a deeper understanding; and on the other, sometimes it is just good to sit in awe of something for just what it is:  a star in the sky, a flower, snow capped mountains, a child at play.  Sometimes the complicated is not necessary for our every day living.  But how easy it is for some of us, to complicate the simple.  To miss the delight and beauty of something as we delve into its pieces.  Today, as I long for a nap, I am going to appreciate it for simply what it is…a nap.  A delightful time of rest and relaxation which I hope will return to my regular routine sometime.  Happy napping everyone that can work it in to their normal routines.   Nap for us others who yearn for a good high holy nap, but can not at this time.  Enjoy! my fellow nappers.  

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