Wednesday, March 17, 2021

C’mon, (Saint) Patrick!

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I’m (probably) not Irish, but that doesn’t stop many of us from using his feast as an excuse to celebrate a little.

In honor of this great saint, please join me in watching this purely historical and 100% accurate demonstration of his preaching:

I love that, probably too much. It has altered the language my wife and I use regularly. It’s ridiculous. And it’s good. It highlights how any analogies we use fall short of the depth and (sometime confusing) glory of God.

But still he loves us. Intensely. We’ll never fully understand him. He’s infinite, and I’m… well… I’m not. Not even close.

But that’s fine. He doesn’t expect me to understand him fully. He doesn’t expect me to study everything ever written about him. He just asks me to love and be loved, and to follow wherever he might lead me.

I can handle that. Obviously.

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