Tis' the Season of Winning

Thursday, October 17, 2019 Written by

The fall season could mean a lot of things. For me, the leaves on the ground signify the re-emergence of my youth ministry programming, the swap of flip flops to scarves, and the digging out of my command start key fob. Amongst those things, which cause me to both rejoice and grit my teeth with endurance, I am also immensely pleased to find myself in the midst of another volleyball season.

Thanksgiving ramble

Thursday, October 10, 2019 Written by

Well if it ain’t one thing, it is another!  

Out of the blue a blood vessel bursts in my eyeball. No pain, no discomfort, no change of vision, nothing other than it looking horrible. I would not even have known there was anything happening with my eye if people did not ask, “what did you do to your eye?” So off to the optometrist to get it checked.   I had to get it checked…all my church moms were strongly suggesting I get it checked. So I went and got it checked.   All is good. It is just a burst blood vessel and everything else looks just dandy. (no pun intended)


Thursday, October 3, 2019 Written by

With the recent snowfall, it seemed like autumn would be like our spring: a season that almost wasn’t. But a few days later the snow has melted and the landscape once again shows its colours of vibrant gold, rust, and reds.

Running out of wine at the Wedding at Cana was not the Blessed Mother’s problem, but she made it her concern. I want to be one of Mary’s concerns.

I Met a Lady

Thursday, September 19, 2019 Written by

I Met a Lady

By Rosa Caswell

I met a lady. She was so beautiful it was soul splitting. I hoped she would tempt you, but tempting is a low art to her. She hides in a land no one ever wants to go. I stumbled into this land a while ago, but only met her yesterday. I never wanted to be here, fought it, avoided it, feared it. But now I might not ever leave. She is that beautiful. That kind.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Written by

I sit down to write this on September 11th. It’s a date that stands out in many people’s memories. Where were you on September the 11th, 2001? I was near Ottawa, taking part in training for NET Canada. Several of my teammates were American, and one of the Canadians had a friend who worked a block from the Twin Towers. They were huddled around the only TV, trying to find out – and make sense of –what was happening. There was tension in the air, some fear, some sadness, and a lot of confusion. It was a memorable day.


Friday, September 6, 2019 Written by

Changes By Jim Nakoneshny

With the Labour Day weekend now behind us, we are into the start of the unofficial New Year. September has always felt more like a New Year to me than January, likely because of the many changes it brings. Young children are starting school, older students are off to University, summer exploits are behind us as lawn chairs and camping gear are packed away for another year. A new season of meetings and activities is starting, fresh TV episodes are starting to air and, in general, there is a sense of purpose in the air.


Courage and Fear

Friday, June 28, 2019 Written by

This week, I spent some time reading over my past blogs, looking over what I had written in the hopes of coming up with some kind of original thought this time around. The process had the added benefit of reminding me of all the lessons I’ve been trying to learn over the last two years. I also noticed nearly every time I blogged I mentioned the busy, almost hectic nature of the Cathedral. And thinking about the last month, it is clear to me that the bustle has not changed or diminished. We spent the last month welcoming literally (yes, literally) thousands of people for three things in particular: End of the School Year Masses; Grade 8 Farewells; and High School Graduations...

When we bought our home, the yard needed a fair amount of work. It was not quite what we envisioned. But with a demanding work schedule for my wife and I, plus a bit of a limited skill set, we embarked on hiring a landscape company to come in and transform our yard into the beautiful yard we desired. However, even after much research and reference checks, and having them come back numerous times, the final product was still lacking. With a change in my work, the time became available for me to tinker in the yard. The goal was to, at least, get the grass green and hopefully turn it into a lawn. Slowly it has begun to take shape. It is green and it does have a bit of a lushness to it. But amongst the green, there pop up those yellow flowers...

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