You would have thought I had learned by now! On my next trip, my blue bag is going to stay at home!

We just passed the mile 0 sign for the Yellowhead highway leading out of Masset, BC, when I realized time really did seem to have gone at a snail’s pace so to speak. Two weeks earlier, glancing out of the window, the landscape started to unfold beneath us from the window of the plane. I had finally gotten used to the drone of the Air Canada prop job (even if conversation to my husband seated next to me was almost none existent). Leaving Vancouver behind, we were still a bit taken aback when Air Canada was offering $800 to give up your seat to Sandspit. We both agreed if Shan and Matt weren’t waiting for us the offer was tempting. Our youngest, Shan, was deployed last year to Masset on Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, in Northern BC for a three-year term. FaceTime has been our daily method of communication since their move...

Phase 11

As another weekly class assignment, I was asked to learn another folk song. Once again I went to the music library and glanced through the song books. I asked the librarian for some ideas of an easy-to-learn folk song and was referred to the song “The Story of Isaac” by Leonard Cohen. The melody line and the key of Em appealed to me. So I learned the song and nervously performed it a few days later in front of my classmates with my singing instructor, Sam, watching and listening intently to my performance.

After class Sam asked me if I knew where the story of the song came from and I said no. He said from the Bible when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. That evening, I looked in my Bible in the book of Genesis and sure enough, there was the story of Abraham and his son Isaac...

It's All Garbage!

Thursday, September 27, 2018 Written by

What do you fill yourself with?

I adore chocolate. Massive bowls of macaroni and cheese are amazing. Poutine is simply lovely. That being said, I know that I really should eat better. This just isn’t healthy, and as they say, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

The Changing of Seasons

Friday, September 21, 2018 Written by

The other day I found myself genuinely angry at the weather. Now I consider myself a pleasant person; more than once I have been accused of being “too optimistic” or “naively happy” or just straight up “annoying” as a result of my glass-half-full approach to life. But the other day was different. I went outside, smelled the crisp air of almost below zero and saw with surprise that the leaves were no longer green, and felt immediately cheated. I realized that this year, there would be no gentle transition from summer to fall, fall to winter. No. Our days with light cardigans and fiery leaves are numbered. With the farmer’s almanac calling for a long and cold winter, I am bracing myself for a rude awakening back to the reality of Saskatchewan living...

This Too Shall Pass

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Written by

I started homebrewing beer a few years ago. It’s been a great hobby. Not only do I get to enjoy some tasty beverages, but I also find the brewing process a joy. Start with an idea, create a recipe, alter it to fit what ingredients or equipment I have available, brew day (woo!), ferment, wait, package, wait, and finally taste the finished product… It gives me a chance to create something from scratch. It relieves stress. It teaches me patience (“Is it beer yet? Is it beer yet? Is it beer yet?”). It’s a wonderful experience.


Meet the Family

Thursday, September 6, 2018 Written by

Names are a tricky thing. We all appreciate it when someone addresses us by name, but a friendly “Hi, Bob!” isn’t as appreciated when your name is Bill. In a small community where there is a lot of continuity it’s easier to remember names. Add some time and distance to the mix and it gets a bit harder...

The Check In

Thursday, August 30, 2018 Written by

This past January, I wrote a blog about my New Year’s “Resolution”. It wasn’t really a resolution, more like a list of stuff I hoped to do/wanted to do with my life during the year. And with summer coming to a close, fall starting soon, a new school year starting next week and a new blog season to kick off, I thought it was a good time for a check in on my resolution...


Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Written by

“Seriously…” I said. “You aren’t really going to”? Without a backwards glance, I followed the airport security guard out of security and back towards the Westjet Guest Services.

I’ll have to start somewhere at the beginning in order for my question to make any sense. This May, my husband and I travelled to Great Britain and Ireland to celebrate a milestone birthday and our 45th wedding anniversary. But as parents and grandparents, when we travel we always bring back something for our girls and grandchildren and I try to bring back something of the local flair as a kind of reminder of our travels...

Lessons from Baba

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Written by

Some days… okay, most days, I can be so easily distracted and caught up in the hectic pace, the to-do lists and the anxieties of the world around me that I miss out on the beauty and blessings occurring around me at every moment. I thank God that God does not give up on us “wanderers” and continually sends the Holy Spirit to nudge us along. Here is today’s nudging story:

I was sitting in the pew of a small Saskatchewan town church with family and my Baba. It was the day after we gathered as family to celebrate Baba’s 106th birthday. It was a great celebration but at 106 she is not quite up to staying up to celebrate that long. This was the first time in many, many years that I can recall that my Baba went to bed before me. But anyway… see I told you I am easily distracted and go off on a tangent just like that, so anyway… there I am sitting in the pew, and my wife nudges me and gives me one of those head twitches to look down the pew. At the end of the pew is my Baba, hands folded and lips moving in silent prayer. My heart stirred...

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