knightsofcolumbusKnights of Columbus  is an international Catholic, family, fraternal and service organization of men. Father Michael J. McGivney initially founded the organization focused on supporting families, initially the orphans and widows of men in New Haven Connecticut in 1882.  There are now more than 1.9 million members. Members donate more than $155,000,000 and over 70 million hours of community service worldwide every year.


Dennis Mahoney Council  8215 of the Knights of Columbus meets in the Cathedral of the Holy Family on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. All men 18 years of age and over are encouraged to join. Our Council was founded in October 1982 and celebrated 35 years of service in October 2017.

Individuals in our Council perform volunteer services and fundraise to make contributions in our community and church that include: support for our local separate schools; support for our Pastor Fr. Ephraim Mensah, Associate Pastor Fr. Deyre Azcuna, and other church administrators - Cathedral Administrator David Polzen, Pastoral Associate Garth Horn, Faith Formation Minister Andy Korvemaker, Youth Minister Catherine Renneberg and Facilities Manager Jim Nakoneshny.

We are involved in Special Olympics, Youth Parliament, Wheelchair Foundation, Indoor Games, Blackstrap Youth Camp, In Support of Life projects, Keep Christ in Christmas projects, Food Bank drive, Christmas hampers and more. We offer mutual support to one another and share our spiritual, fraternal and service energies.

We are involved in the KC  FPB “Knights of Columbus Famous Pancake Breakfast”. We often tend bar for activities in the Bishop Leggat Hall. 

We are involved in the Knights of Columbus Carol Festival and have members involved in the Knights choir.

We are open and supportive of projects in the community including the facilitating of candidates form prior to elections, facilitating the forum for interesting speakers such as Dr. Peter Kreeft and coordinating the annual Celebrity Dinner in support of the Jim Patterson Children's Hospital.

Many individuals also attend a 2T BKB “Second Tuesday, Brother’s Keeper Breakfast” which currently takes place at Queens House Retreat Centre from 7:00 am to 8:00 am on the second Tuesday of each month. At the 2T BKB we discuss different topics, share and have discussions on a more spiritual level with other men.


The current executive of our Council include:

Grand Knight - Jim McDonald

Deputy Grand Knight - Position Vacant

Financial Secretary - Louis Roth

Treasurer - Diego Monteiro

Recorder - Tyler Wist


We welcome all to join. To join one simply needs to ask a current member to present an application to the membership for approval with information including one’s name, address, purpose for joining and confirmation that one is a practicing catholic.


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