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Craft Guild Sale

Holy Family Craft Guild Presents


The Annual Holy Family Craft Sale



Our creations are one-of-a-kind crafts produced mostly from donated and recycled materials.

Items will be sold on a first-come basis.

As not all our inventory is photographed, please feel free to inquire for more information!

Please look through our collections here and then phone or email to place your order.
Order deliveries will take place at the Cathedral of the Holy Family.
Delivery dates will be posted on this site.
Payment is by e-transfer, cheque or exact change.
All proceeds from this sale will go to Holy Family.

To order:
Ph: Teresa - 306-249-3764
        This is a landline so no text messages.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4) Baby
7) Bags
Some 3D masks that don’t fog glasses and some fitted ones!
Three pleated masks and more fitted ones for adults. $5
Ear savers to be used with masks.  $1

Toys and Games:

Five Little Monkeys  - $15 

5 finger puppets, a bed and the verse

 Stick rummy game -  $15

Hand painted storage bag, 4 decks of cards, sticks and instruction sheet


X  & O game - $5
Xs and Os are stored in the bag. Only one rider one!
Indoor frisbees       $8
Many more colours - even Riders


Take apart toys           $15
Cat - pig - elephant

Rider monkey puppets and many others 


Marble maze. For ages 1-101.
Move the marbles to a home space by each tab.                   $5

A variety of stuffed animals        $5


 Sock monkeys           $25


The Rainbow Zebra cloth book       $15

I Spy game. (to the left of the X and O Game)
Choose an object from the list and locate it in the rice see-through window.              
This cat needs a home! Sits well as is weighted with pellets. Sitting is 16” high.
Total length from head to toes? is 25”. 

Barbie Accessories!


Flared red dress, yellow dress and hat, dark red dress and hat,
purple and white dress and hat, purple tutu - all $8 each. 
Blue short set and red short set - $5 each

Teal dress and hat, dark coral dress and hat, poncho sets  

$8 each

Teal jacket and skirt with white top  $10

Barbie crocheted clothes
- white long gown with head piece $15
- 3 dresses with hats $8 ea.
- shorts with bib $5

Pink, yellow and blue dress $5
Purple and pink party dress $1
Dark blue tutu $8    Long red dress $8 (Sorry, dolls are not for sale.)

Barbie furniture sets - 5 pieces and three cushions!

Sets also available in turquoise and in green.

Made with plastic canvas and yarn.      $10 each set


Doll Clothes

 Next items are for 18” dolls like

Maplelea Canadian Girl, American Girl, etc...

All clothes have Velcro closures and are well made to last!
Please ignore the price tags in the pictures
as many of these items have been reduced. 

- red and white striped dress with lace at waist $15
- light purple lace with pearls on it   $10
- white eyelet with red ribbon belt.  $15
- red with white polka dots rhinestone
    buckle on belt.  $10
- white brocade dress $15
- red skirt dress with long sleeves $10
- silver satin party dress $10
- red and white polka dot dress $15

Pink knit top $10

Fancy whit yarn knit top $5
Navy jacket with fancy button $10
Mint knit dress with detail at hemline $15
Pink floral shirt with panties $5

Soft sleeping bag with matching pjs.  $30


Striped pants $8
Multicoloured top $5
Green knit top $10
Pink satin top $5
Blue satin top $5
Baby doll pjs with ruffle $5

3 half slips in pink, white, lace  $4 ea.
Black denim shorts $5
Blue t-shirt with white trim $5

Purple velour housecoat $15
Two pair panties $4 ea. 
Striped blue flannelette pjs $10

Jeans $10

Print shorts and white top set $10
White blouse with pink embroidery $5
Coverall shorts $5

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Feature item! Just came in last night!!

4 doilie coasters per set.   $4 set





Soup bowl cozies - suitable for microwave use. 
Cotton fabric and batting.   $5
Recycled denim apron with delicate ruffled accent. $20
Chicken half apron with ties at waist. Includes a chicken potholder. $15
Children’s denim aprons. $10
BBQ style recycled denim aprons. 
Adult size.    $15. 
Apron with blue frill.    $20
Kitchen gift set. 
100% cotton appliquéd set. 
Appliance cover, quilted. 18”x19”.     $20 
Bib apron with pocket     $20
Hotpads.   2 for $8
2 tea towels. 2 for $8
Contact Teresa  for entire set or partial set pricing.
Various tea cozies. Larger ones $6. 
Smaller two $3
Christmas coasters.   Place to put wine glass bottom.      
$4 per set of 4
Decoration.  $2
Recycled denim Christmas stockings. 
17” long. Sparkly.      $8
Antique-looking embroidered tea towels on flour sack cotton.     $8 set of two. (Sold Out)
Fancy Christmas hotpads.    $5 ea. 

Plate cozies - suitable for microwave use. 

Cotton fabric and batting.   $7

Table runner - sparkly silver accents - lined
18”x76”.        $10
Christmas casserole carrier for up to 9x13 dishes.    $15

Cotton dish cloths in many colours. $3
Scrubbies.  $2
Knit pin cushions.  $4

Blue plaid placemats.   $4

Rice bags with cover.    $10


2 cushion covers. 16”x16”.      $5 for pair


Various hotpad and potholder pairs. 
       $4 / pair

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Quilts, Blankets, and Rugs!

This new quilt is made from donated recycled men’s shirts. It is 57” x 67”.

It is backed with soft flannelette. $70.

A frayed flannel quilt. 60”x 73”.     $70


Beige afghan. 36”x 52”.      $20


I Spy quilt. Encourages language development and interactive play.

There are doubles of many pictures.     $60


Another frayed flannel quilt. 

Soft and warm. 60”x73”.        $70

Frayed dark green twill  back and cotton front.  50”x 62”.       $45


Round fleece mats.                  $8
18” diameter


 Black frayed rug              $30

Recycled jeans

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Change pads or bath mats. 
Thirsty soft cotton terry. 
Owl always love you quilt.      $50
Flannelette blankets. Soft. Left 37”x38”
Right 33”x36”.        $18
Zoo animal appliquéd blanket. Monkey corner squares
Blue soft minky back. Blue Teddy bear is included. No batting. 43”x43”.       $45
Baby sweater - more blue than grey
12 - 24 months.      $25
Delicate white baby sweater with a hat. 
3 - 6 months.         $25
Many more similar to these in other colours such as pink, mint, white...
Baby sweater - 18-24 months.     $25
Baby sweater - 18-24 months.     $25
Jungle animal fleece blanket with fancy stitched hem. 28”x32”.         $5
Flannelette quilted jungle print quilt. Yellow checked backing. 38”x39”.       $20
Flannelette patchwork quilt with green borders. Floral flannelette backing. 
32”x32”.      $20 
Boy quilted blanket. 33”x41”.       $25
Puppy blanket -flannelette and minky
31”x 48”.      $50

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Warm Accessories
Child size mitts. 6 1/2” -7” long.     $5
More colours.
Youth mitts. 8” long.       $8
More colours.
Fuzzy adult mitts.   9”.   $10
Black plain knit pair.    
Many more that are in similar pattern to above mitts in a variety of colours.    
Just ask about them!
Large mitts. 10” long.     $12
More colours.
Toques, scarves and headbands matched to form gift sets.
Generally toques $10, scarves $10, headbands $5 and mitts $5-$12.
Even Christmas mitts..... $5-$12
Large mitts.     $12
Small Mitts
And more mitts.... small.  $5
Boot cuff.  $5
Socks.     $10
And more toques...
Note the two grey ones, centre right, made with thick very soft yarn.      
More toques... Christmas toques, Rider toques,
even ponytail toques with a hole in the top!
Long or shorter scarves, narrow or wider scarves, even an infinity scarf!
All soft and cozy. $10
Variety of headbands. More colours and styles. Feel free to inquire.   $5
Large soft yarn neck warmer and longer neck warmer/ toque.    $8 and $10
Variety of toques.      $10 ea.
Gray and blue fringed plaid shawl. 
40”x42”.     $5
Gray and blue fringed plaid scarves. 
12”x50”.       $3

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Larger slippers.    $12-$15.

Cuffed slippers $12 medium 

There are many different colors and styles of slippers in different colours.

Please inquire.


Smaller slippers. $8


Black and gray soft fuzzy slippers




One of a kind soft fuzzy slippers

Rust - medium



More slippers. Medium.   $12


Fuzzy ankle slippers.    $15. Medium


Black and white slippers - medium

Gray slippers - large



Blue slippers - size 7.5 to 9 - large

Beige slippers - size 6 to 7.5 - medium



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Dog Friendly Items!


Burgundy doggie sweater           $10
Back 7 1/2”x18”        Belly 7 1/2”x12”
Moss green doggie sweater       $10
Bow ties - fit on collars                 $1
        (could use on cats)

Puppy pull toy                 $1


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Unique denim and striped fabric handbag.
Zipper and Velcro closures
Four pockets.     11”x9”x7”.         $15

Waterproof tote bag (except for the holes!)

Zipper closure. Frayed denim pocket. 
Available also in lime and turquoise.  $8

Floral 100%cotton handbag. 
Zipper top. 6 pockets. 
10”x13”.              $20

Origami bag. 3 pockets. Drawstring closure.    $20


Curling iron / straightener holder. 
Place to store cord. 
Insulated bag so can be put away while hot. 3 3/4”x9”.        $5
See picture below. 
Curling iron not included

Only 2 unique bags crocheted from recycled plastic bags. Yellow 13”x14”.
 White 10”x14”.        $15
Very durable, light weight and washable grocery shopping bag.   $2.50

Multipurpose or produce bags. 10”x 10”. 
Set of two has one with a drawstring and one with handles. $5 per set

Little denim bags with 45” straps. Pocket at back has Velcro. 6”x8”.     $10


Travel jewellery case. Has a pouch and place to attach earrings inside.

3 1/2”x 7”.



Denim change purses. 4”x5”.     $3


Centre - multipurpose produce bags
Sets of 2 or 3    $4
Wine bags    $1
Sets of 3 cotton gift bags with ties attached.    $5 per set

Great family activity!

Heavy canvas tote bags ready to decorate. 
Have dark bottoms. 
The monster one is a sample.  17”x20”. 
Works well with permanent Sharpie markers.      $8

Drawstring lined bag. 15”x15”.   $8


Sturdy Saskatoon embroidered tote bag. 16”x20”.    $8



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Senior Gifts!


Fidget blanket. 23”x23”.  
Several similar to this one. 
Has fleece back.    $20
 Fidget knit muff. $10

Walker bags with Velcro to attach them. Pockets on both sides.   $12


A variety of adult crumb catchers. Many with sparkly fabric for Christmas.

Terry cloth ones too.  $10

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