Friday, February 26, 2021

Parish Pastoral Survey Summary

Parish Pastoral Survey Summary


Our Parish Pastoral Survey was completed over a year ago and with all of the challenges and changes to our parish we are just getting to share the results with the community at this time.  We apologize for the delay in communication yet feel that this information will still allow for opportunity for Parish improvement and growth as well as bring continuity to the on-going Diocesan Priorities and Goals.  

Approximately 150 responses were submitted. The survey was divided into sub-categories and the summary highlights are as follows:


Many positive comments regarding the inviting and inclusive feeling at the Cathedral of the Holy Family.  

Appreciation acknowledged for all of the volunteers at Mass and various functions offered at the Church.  

Continue to offer new opportunities for community to grow through events that engage youth, adults, seniors, families.  (This would include both social events and educational events.)


The majority of respondents indicated that they desire more education regarding knowledge of the mass parts and traditions.  

Education would allow for a better understanding of the mass (rather than just doing things out of habit), create a stronger sense of unity and reinforce our devotion. 


Suggestions to continue to support our parish in the greater community with practical outreach.  Providing opportunities to individuals to become involved in social justice issues throughout the entire church year not just during the busy Advent/Lent seasons.

Continue to welcome and express acceptance to all (this includes regular members of the parish as well as visitors).

 Establish a sense of responsibility for greater community engagement by creating more activities and educational possibilities to learn about our faith and catechism.  

Explore ways to support parishioners in every stage of life; help to ensure that all are feeling engaged.  


Many commented positively on the welcoming, peaceful, versatile space of the Cathedral.  Much appreciation given to the environment committee that link the attractive décor to the liturgical seasons.

On-going concerns regarding the sound system (echoes, difficulty with volume in different areas of the church), lack of hymnals and questions around technology to assist with worship.

A number of respondents indicated a request for a stronger presence of God in the church through Religious art/sculpture (eg. Crucifix with the body of Christ, Stations of the Cross, importance of Saints).


The Parish Pastoral Council continues to discuss and plan for ways to enhance and strengthen our Faith Community at the Cathedral of the Holy Family.  We appreciate the input and value the voices of all our parishioners and look forward to working with you as we are all called to serve the Parish community and evangelize the mission of the Church.


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