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Youth Ministry and Discipleship

Written by  Amanda McQuaid and Kaitlyn Thorimbert


“...That is what we too, in the Church, are constantly called to do: to listen, to get involved and be neighbors, sharing in people’s joys and struggles, so that the Gospel can spread ever more consistently and fruitfully: radiating goodness through the transparency of our lives.” (Pope Francis, WYD 2016)

Oh my gracious - how sweet is our God! Yes, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we are all called BY NAME to serve Him - our Lord of lords and King of kings, because no matter where our walk of life may lead us, we have all been wonderfully made in His image.

How lucky are we to be the fruit of His vine? To be His disciples? To proclaim His word? We are called to not only serve Him, but to be an outpouring witness of His love to others, radiating, as Pope Francis said, His goodness through our lives!

I have been blessed with the immense privilege of being a part of the congregation of the Cathedral of the Holy Family since August of 2016. Since that time, I have been helping with our youth ministry programs led by the oh-so lovely, Amanda McQuaid. As I reflect and write this now, (and I hope as you read this) I can't help myself but smile and bask in His warm embrace. You'll see why as you read on…

I had the pleasure of listening to the great Jeff Cavins this past summer during his brief appearance at Ignite (held by F2F Ministries - yes, you should go check em' out!). He said something that struck me to the core:

"Do you consider yourself

a fan of Jesus,

or a disciple of Jesus?"

Wow! What did he just say?! Am I a fan, or a disciple? Such simple words moved mountains for me that day.

Two very different concepts - which calls for another discussion some other time.

Anyhow, since that day I have been striving and aspiring to commit myself to being the disciple He created me to be, rather than simply being an adoring fan. No, this does not mean I dropped everything in my life to join the religious life - though a beautiful vocation, it is not what He has planned for me. No, for me this meant spreading His goodness in other ways throughout my everyday life - one of those ways being through our youth.

When Amanda asked me if I'd be willing to help lead the youth groups here at the Cathedral, I jumped at the opportunity. I started helping out with Tuesday night youth groups (both Junior and Intermediate).

It is safe to say Tuesday nights have become a very exciting time of the week for me - not because it gave me a break from those dreaded university papers, but because I get to see dozens of our blossoming youth coming together for fun, fellowship and witness their willingness to be a part of something truly great! (… and yes, maybe even some pizza every now and then too.)

The anticipation in their smiling faces as they walk in the door brings me nothing but pure joy! My hope and goal every Tuesday evening is for those smiles to continue to shine His light as they leave. This opportunity I have to share the love of God to our youth is something I am SO incredibly grateful for. To be able to have the slightest presence in their lives fulfilles my heart. HF youth groups have been such a blessing to me thus far, and I can hardly wait to continue to witness the growth and amazement of these young people as they discover Christ as we welcome our 2017 sessions!

I'll leave you with another Pope Francis quote - yes, because he is THAT awesome!

"You too, dear young people,

can be joyful witnesses of his love,

courageous witnesses of his Gospel,

carrying to this world a ray of His light."

Pope Francis, WYD 2013

I pray that, in the midst of the business of life, you may find the simple joys He brings and work towards being loving disciples, however He has called you, to do so & be a testament to His goodness!

God bless!

         - Kaitlyn Thorimbert
            Youth ministry Team Member

Kaitlyn put it better than I could’ve said it – there is a tremendous joy and excitement when we take action and be the disciples that Christ has invited us to be.

Today I would like to invite you all to take some time to get to know our Youth Ministry at Holy Family a bit more:

Youth Ministry exists at Holy Family Cathedral to create fun, faith filled environments for youth to grow in their personal relationship with Christ, His Church, and others. Our goal is to lead individuals closer to an experience of God in their personal lives – I’m not going to lie, we have a tonne of fun doing it!

Our Youth Ministry programs are constantly evolving and transforming to suit the needs of our youth and their families better… so please keep in touch with any and all events that are going on – there is sure to be one that will work for you!

  • Click here to see our full menu of Youth Ministry Programs
  • Click here to print off our Winter/ Spring 2017 Calendar

In order to have fruitful, fun, and holistic youth ministry, we need YOU – the people of Holy Family Cathedral. There are so many ways you can support the development of youth evangelization and community in our Church.

One major need I would like to draw your attention to is our need for a Youth Ministry Team here at Holy Family:

I need a team of people to commit to and support the healthy growth of all of our Youth Ministry Programs. I can’t do all of these programs on my own, I need a team to make all of this possible!

YM Team Members would have various roles within the youth group programs at Holy Family; all dependant upon your specific gifts/ skills and availability.

  • A shameless plug: Myslef and the Team could really use help with our Tuesday night Youth Groups (Junior and Intermediate). We have lots of kids coming, but only a few Team members to support them. If you are free on Tuesday nights – please consider joining the YM Team at Holy Family!

Long story short: if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in being a part of the YM Team at Holy Family – contact me! It would be great to meet you J

Like Kaitlyn said – it’s fun, brings life to you and others, and helps you to grow in your relationship with Jesus!

Please come and join in on our “Training and Information night” on Tuesday, January 24th from 6:00-7:00pm. We will be learning about youth groups, signing up for volunteer dates, and preparing for various Youth Group roles that are available. 

Have a great week, everyone. Please pray for me, I’m praying for you!

Amanda McQuaid 

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