Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Easter

Written by  Fr. Ephraim Mensah

My dear People of God,

Happy Easter!

Easter calls us out of the darkness that shrouds our lives into the light of possibility, of healing and of re-creation. In his rising from the dead, Christ enables us to bring into our own lives all that he taught and lived throughout his life: the love, compassion, generosity, humility and selflessness that ultimately triumphs over hatred, bigotry, prejudice, despair, greed and death.

We sometimes find ourselves stuck in a Good Friday world: our problems batter us, overwhelm us and strain our ability to cope. But in raising his Son from the dead, God vindicates the Gospel of his Christ: that good conquers evil, that love transforms hatred, that light shatters the darkness. Our lives are filled with the experiences of resurrection, when the despair and desperation of our Good Fridays are transformed into Easter hope by the compassion and mercy of those who have embraced the good news of Easter morning.

May you be filled with the joy of Easter and may the Peace of the risen Lord rest upon all of you. Happy Easter!

Fr. Ephraim Mensah

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