Friday, April 24, 2020

A new day dawns with song

Written by  David Polzen

As I ponder, brainstorm and attempt to craft the wording of this blog, the light of a new day is chasing away the darkness of night.  A new day is unfolding.  There is such intense beauty and hope within the dawning of a new day.  The potential seems limitless.  What will this new day hold and offer?   How will it unfold?   Will it go smoothly?  Will it go as planned?  What surprizes will it hold?  Challenges?  Struggles?  Joys? Sorrows?  Stumbles and cartwheels? What choices and discernments will I need to make today?  Will they be the correct ones?   Will it be a day of worry, concern and fretting?  Or a day filled with peace and a sense of accomplishment?  What will I have to surrender to and what will I have to let go of?  What will I need to hold fast to and what will I need to pursue?  It is so hard to tell and predict what this day will hold; but through it all, through the good and the bad, through the perfection and the messiness of life, this day, God will be there. 


As this new day begins, two songs play within my heart and head.  Pieces of music that for many years have filled my heart with consolation and hope, gratitude and love, peace and inspiration.  Songs that help me to enter into a new day, as well as help me end the day.  I am amazed at the power music has in our life.  I am amazed how pieces of music can so deeply speak to one’s heart and soul; how these pieces speak to the story of my life.  

One of the pieces is the song “Adonai” performed by the musical group, Avalon.  A religious song that is truly about God.  A powerful song that still to this day stirs me deeply no matter how many times I hear it.   The other is a song performed by Celine Dion entitled “Because You Loved Me”.  Now I do realize that this song is probably written more with a human person in mind, a lover most likely; but even if my head says that the lyrics are written for a person, my heart applies those lyrics to God, with maybe the exception of the one word “baby” that is used in the song once or twice; otherwise, it is pretty much a God song to me. I guess I am just silly and whacky that way.  

These two pieces of music speak so intimately to my soul.  Both are so very much a prayer for me.  When St Augustine said “to sing is to pray twice” I think he was noting (no pun intended) the power of music.  Music can be incredibly healing, consoling, uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining.  It is an incredible gift.  A gift I deeply appreciate even though I am not musically gifted myself.  I can not sing worth a darn, nor can I play an instrument.  Now I have tried, with very little success.   But that does not remove the deep appreciation nor diminish the gift that music is to me.  

So as this new day begins, I am once again blessed to have these two pieces of music enter into my head and heart.   I once again turn to these two pieces of music and make them my prayer.  I so often get distracted during the day by so many things that I often forget about these songs, and the power they hold for me.  And when I do remember and go back and give them a listen, each time they become more and more fulfilling and a greater nourishment for my soul.  I pray this day that you too will find a piece of music or two that will bring such blessings to you. 

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