Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sundays in Winter Ordinary Time

Written by  Rosa Gebhardt


Our liturgy recognizes that we live in time, and we observe the rhythm of time in a variety of ways. We acknowledge the seasons of the year; the natural rhythm of long and short days. These we are well acquainted with here in our northern hemisphere. Having just completed the Christmas cycle our Liturgical Environment is transitioning and refocusing on Winter Ordinary Time. This is the time between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday that varies in length depending on when Ash Wednesday falls.

Our Wallhanging to the left side of the main wooden doors in the Welcome space depicts a winter sunrise (which we can enjoy these mornings) with a splendid splash of colours behind a grove of leafless trees. You may notice that trees are frequently featured in our liturgical decor. Trees embody the cycles and continuity of human life and parallel our growth from birth to childhood, to maturity, and eventual death.

The stone-surrounded wall space on the right side of the main wooden doors displays a calm mood in sage green to dark winter green draping as well as the subtle beauty of arranged local hazelnut branches and bundle of birch hinting the dormancy of winter.

As parish activities are in full swing and days are getting longer, we also delight in getting a jumpstart on spring by coaxing amaryllis bulbs into early bloom, this has been done for generations. It entices us to look forward to the future that is different than yesterday and today, when hopefully our relationship with God, with ourselves, with others and with creation will be more whole than it is now. The liturgical colour of Winter Ordinary Time is

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