Friday, January 25, 2013

Lorena Went A Cleaning Featured

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I will proudly state that I have the most fantastic cleaning person in the world. Since hiring Lorena about 5 years ago I have never once worried about the state of cleanliness in the rectory. She is, in one word, amazing. This past week she embarked on one of the most dangerous missions of her life: cleaning the main closets in the living room.

These storage spaces, whose doors are never left open, are a collection spot for anything for which there is not another space to put it. There are the collectibles, the dog food, the recycling paper as well as tin cans, plastic bottles, photos that I have still not hung up on walls, outer jackets, empty wine bottles and a host of other assorted goodies.

For the most part we (Deacon Bob, his wife Joan and myself) never really look at what is there. Instead, we just keep putting stuff in there hoping that someday it will all disappear.

And so it was with a great sense of gratitude that I watched Lorena accept the task of cleaning and sorting these closets. A few hours later I was introduced to what closets should really look like. So impressed with the change I was almost compelled to put locks on the doors so we could no longer dump stuff behind the doors. It looked like it did one year ago when we moved into the new space.

Amid all of the stuff, Lorena did manage to "rescue" one particular

item: a statue of Francis of Assisi's "Brother Sun and Sister Moon." The piece of art uniquely captures the essence of Francis and his belief in the presence of God in all things. It was just what I need that day. The reassurance of God's presence. It is hard sometimes to see the presence of God and the past few weeks were a perfect example. The Christmas decorations are all stashed away, the trees are down, the snow continues to build up in the backyard, the cold weather fills us with a sense of the blues and we wonder when spring will arrive.

It was this beautiful song of Francis that provided for me the re-establishment of a foundation; a foundation built on God's love and God's presence. I can never see the face of God if I cannot see His presence all around me. And so, standing outside in the bitter cold I looked at the sky and the beauty of the stars. I saw the trees still pointed in the direction of Heaven and the snowbank in the back yard resembled the train of an angel's dress. And all around on a cold, still evening God's creation still sang their song of praise.

The following morning with my newfound sense of purpose and appreciation I reached into the mailbox to retrieve the daily paper when, lo and behold, a small box was there. Opening the box I was filled with the greatest of joy. My buddy Rob had provided me with just what I needed on that day: a Western Producer rain gauge. As the trees pointed to Heaven it was the reminder that there is no cold day that is not directed to the glory and the beauty of spring. God's handiwork is amazing at any time of the year. God is faithful because God is here.

"Brother sun, and sister moon

I seldom see you, seldom hear your tune.

Preoccupied, with selfish misery.

Brother wind, and sister air,

open my eyes, to visions pure and fair.

That I may see, the glory around me.

I am God's creature, of him, I am part.

I feel his love, awakening my heart.

Brother sun, and sister moon,

I now do see you, I can hear your tune!

So much in love, with all that I survey"

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