Monday, March 27, 2017

Update on our Noah moment:

Many of you who were in the church this past Sunday morning may have been aware of a brief flurry of activity as staff and parish members scrambled to deal with a sudden and unexpected deluge of water. For those who were wondering what the problem was, here is a brief recap.

At about 9:45am Sunday morning, a fitting on the domestic cold water supply broke in an upstairs mechanical room. Fresh water began pouring out of the break and made its way through access openings in the concrete floor. Water soon began running out of the ceiling area of the main floor hallway near the washrooms as well as the small meeting room nearby. Our staff was alerted immediately and within a few minutes the main water supply to the building was shut down. Shortly thereafter the cracked fitting was located and the water lines in that area were closed off, isolating from the damaged area. The water supply was soon restored to the building, with everything back in operation except the bathroom faucets.

Thanks to our fast-acting team of greeters, ushers, staff, and other parishioners who literally jumped in to help out, the water was quickly contained and routed to the floor drains. Within an hour or so, the bulk of the cleanup was done and all standing water had been mopped up.

By Monday morning the plumbing repairs had been completed, damage restoration experts were on site and we were well on our way to getting back to normal.

Our thanks, once again, to all those who pitched in to help.

Holy Family Administration

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