Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Cathedral Christmas

Written by  The Cathedral Staff

Christmas is only a few days away! Can you believe it? At this time of year, it’s always wonderful to see how people prepare for the season: Christmas lights and nativity scenes have gone up; elaborately decorated Christmas trees are everywhere; and seasonal events like the Knights of Columbus Carol Festival, the Festival of Trees and the Enchanted Forest (our neighbour!) are taking place (or have taken place) around the city. Here at the Cathedral, our Advent decorations are all around, but of course Christmas decorations will be taking over soon.

As a staff, we’ve had a kind of extended Advent season as our Christmas preparations have been going on for months now and we are all very excited to be so close to the date. As our blog this week, we wanted to share with you a little about our favourites at Christmas time, how we prepare and how we celebrate the birth of Christ.


  • What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Fr. Ephraim – Miracle on 34th Street
Fr. Deyre – Elf
Catherine – Annabelle’s Wish
Andy – Star Wars (it’s always time for Star Wars)
Garth – How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with Jim Carrey) or The Nativity Story
Linda – It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas
Jim – I like the old movies on TCM, like Stop Around the Corner, The Bishop’s Wife or White Christmas
Celeste – How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with Jim Carrey) – I watch it with my brother most years
David – The Star


  • What is your favourite Christmas hymn/religious song?

David, Linda & Fr. Deyre – O Holy Night
Garth – Joseph’s Song by Michael Caird

Andy – O Come O Come Emmanuel (I know it’s technically an Advent hymn)
Fr. Ephraim – Silent Night
Cat – What Child is This; O Come O Come Emmanuel and Little Drummer Boy
Jim & Celeste – there’s too many to pick!


  • What is your favourite Christmas song (secular song)?

Celeste – You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (I seriously love the Grinch)
Jim – Carol of the Bells
Garth & Fr. Ephraim – Jingle Bells
Fr. Deyre – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
David – Silver Bells
Andy – either Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass by the Arrogant Worms or Christmas At Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic

Linda – White Christmas
Cat – Winter Wonderland


  • What food do you love that you only have at Christmas time?

Jim – The different snacks and appetizers are great – Pigs in a blanket, ham spreads, cheese balls, candies, oranges
Linda – Kutia (Ukrainian sweet wheat dish)
David, Cat & Garth – Shortbread cookies <3 (the heart is from Cat!)
Celeste – Mom’s jelly salad and homemade gravy (a once a year indulgence most years)
Fr. Deyre – Crispy Pata (Filipino pork dish)
Fr. Ephraim – Fufu (African dough-like plantain dish) which is perfect not only at Christmas but for all special occasions
Andy – Bailey’s Irish Cream for breakfast


  • What is your favourite Christmas activity/tradition?

Andy – Bailey’s Irish Cream for breakfast!
Cat – Sitting in a circle as a family and watching one by one the thoughtful gifts we got one another
Jim – Getting together with family is great
Linda – Getting together as a family to enjoy the 12 meatless dishes
David – Gathering as a family
Garth – Family Christmas sing-a-longs
Celeste – Christmas Baking – it’s the only time of year I use cookie cutters (and I definitely use them all, including the dinosaur cutters!)
Fr. Deyre – Simbang Gabi or Night Mass
Fr. Ephraim – Attending Christmas Concerts


  • What is your favourite part of Christmas Mass?

Cat – The anticipation of Christmas finally beginning
Fr. Ephraim – The Christmas Carols
Linda – All the hymns
Celeste – Doing music with my family at all the different Masses
Fr. Deyre – the whole of Midnight Mass – the Angels’ Mass is my favourite
Andy – Watching my kids going to check out the baby Jesus in the nativity scene
David – The music
Jim – The quieter nature of Midnight Mass
Garth – The Christmas Hymns


From all the staff at the Cathedral, we wish you and your families a peaceful and very Merry Christmas! May God bless you with joy and love, now and always.



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