Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Don't Kill Bugs #prolife

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I’ve always loved Bob & Doug McKenzie, though I wouldn’t typically call them inspirational. I mean, they’re probably best known for their version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and they can’t get past day 8.

But here and there they have nuggets of wisdom. Please help me welcome… Elron McKenzie! <insert applause here>

(If the video doesn’t work, try this direct link.)

It moves me to tears.

More seriously though, we’ve just passed the annual March for Life. As human beings, we need to support life. As Catholics, we’re called to be boldly prophetic in that support, a voice presenting a higher ideal to our broken world. Sometimes we do that well. Sometimes we fail.

Now, maybe I don’t worry as much about bugs as Elron thinks I should. But part of me thinks the world might be more than a little bit better if we all took his advice to heart.

(Please excuse my use of Bob & Doug in place of a real, substantial post. It’s Confirmation and First Communion week, and I’m a little swamped, and a month ago I told Celeste that I wouldn’t procrastinate on this, and then a couple weeks later I told her that again, and now it’s due and I totally did procrastinate. But I’m calling it done.)

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