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Anthony's Adventures in Haiti! Featured

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Just like the Magi two thousand years ago, I set out on an uncertain, yet enthusiastic journey to Haiti as an ambassador and missionary from the Holy Family Cathedral, on a preliminary encounter with the people toward our missionary trip in August 2013. On Monday March 11th, I set out from Saskatoon with great excitement yet enormous apprehension on a trip to Wings of Hope Home for the physically and mentally challenged children and adults, Haiti. I carried with me, lots of worries, anticipations and anxieties especially with regards to condition of living of the people at Wings of Hope and St. Joseph Home for Boys.

Upon my arrival at Wings, Jackie the assistant Director gave me a quick tour of the guest house, then the home for the physically and mentally challenged being catered to. Then we hit the street for further city tour and Jackie was very excited to introduce me to most people on the street who, before I said any word, would have greeted me in “Creole”…assuming I was Haitian J

Activities at Wings of hope from Monday to Thursday include morning worship, a seminar on health and hygiene, physical therapy, music therapy as well as horse therapy. Every Friday morning a powerful dance party is organized for the housemates. This exercise is so intense that you will be amazed at the dance skills of the housemates

On Saturday March 16th, I volunteered several hours at the orphanage run by sisters of charity. I cannot express that magnitude of the work being done by the sisters, and the genuineness of their love and devotion to restoring to health, children brought to them for lack of food and malnutrition.  I helped to feed some children, played with some, taught them few English words, gave some a piggy back ride…then a long line of children wanted a piggy back ride, and I cuddled a lot others.  I left the orphanage in tears as the children won’t stop crying as I prepared to leave…. 

To read more about Anthony’s adventures in Haiti please see his article entitled "I Found Love in Haiti!" in our newly published magazine “Celebrating Our Holy Family: Our First Year & Beyond” which will be in your mailbox soon!

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