Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yes, Jesus Loves Me... Featured

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Often times we hear people say: we are the hands and feet of Jesus. These words have not only been echoed by the Holy Family Knight of Columbus but actually put into action as they donated 12 wheelchairs through our Holy Family Youth Missionaries during their recent missionary experience to Haiti this August. The residents at Wings of Hope Home for the physically challenged were overjoyed when our Holy Family missionaries presented them with 12 brand new wheelchairs. In the morning of the same day, prior to the wheelchair presentation ceremony, missionaries washed all the wheelchairs currently used by the residents. This act of service was symbolic as it reminds one of the humble gesture of Jesus who washed the feet of His friends (John 13: 1-17).

During the wheelchair presentation ceremony one of the residents, Josephine, tried out her brand new wheelchair and sang a song that brought tears to the eyes of our missionaries: ‘Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so’.

Jackie, one of the Directors at Wings of Hope, gave words of gratitude on behalf of the staff and residents. “No act of charity goes unrewarded.  Your presence and genuine love to the kids at Wings goes a long way in reaffirming that truly we all are interconnected across the world. By washing the wheelchairs for our kids, you have shown true act of service and humility. By providing us with these new chairs, however, you have enabled our kids with better mobility and you can see for yourselves the immensity of joy emanating from them as they behold their new chairs. Rest assured of their prayers, even when they can’t use words you possibly will understand.  You came to us as visitors, but now you are members of our family!”  Jackie went on to say, “We encourage you to come back next year. The kids will be looking out for your return visit. Give our blessings to the Church community of the Holy Family Cathedral, Saskatoon and the Knights of Columbus for their generosity.”

The wheelchair presentation ceremony ended in singing, dancing and picture-taking.

Throughout the mission experience, a particular Bible verse kept echoing in my mind: ‘…as often as you did it for the least of my friends, you did it to me.  (Matt 25:40).

I am, on behalf of the 2013 Holy Family Youth Mission to Haiti, grateful to the Holy Family K of C for enabling us to live out our Christian obligations in service to our brothers and sisters in Haiti by the provision of the 12 brand new wheelchairs.

Indeed there is no substitute for human touch. I am because you are!


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